About Me

Ask me about anything, I’ll always have a lot to converse about, expect, asking me to define myself in a condensed section. The real question should be, “Why Femme Intuitive?” Because this site is not about me. It’s about you.

Hi, my name is Salma Helal. I am no more than human, but who really wants to hear the obvious?

I can list my ethnicity, job position(s), age, religion, gender (ops already did that), or any of those labels – but none of this defines who we truly are.

I can list my lifestyle practices and have them guide you to knowing what I’m about, but I wouldn’t know where to begin.

I like to think of myself as a generalist. As a person, I’m everyone swathed into one; those I’ve met, have yet to, or may never meet. I can go from one extreme to the other. What’s ‘bright’ and ‘pure’ about me today, grew out of anything but pretty circumstances and feelings. I see myself in each and every individual. As a professional, I believe in lifelong learning and pursuing your passions. I have several interests, skills, and goals. I don’t specialize in anything, other than being myself authentically and fully.

I started this site as a personal blog, it was my mean to release and explore my own emotions, and in doing that, I had hopes that “my struggles, self-revelations and truths would help others reflect within and thus reveal parts of themselves they either avoided, denied, or had no idea existed,” and that, “I could inspire others to learn to navigate from this life from the biggest force in life: love.”

I believe we are indeed our own greatest enemies. We’re also all interconnected. Although we may deal with our adversities and sufferings differently, we all share the same pains and have the same needs. And seeing as we can mirror in each other the good and/or the bad, I am hoping that one life at a time I can guide you to your best self. Of course, only you can take the step to question, seek knowledge, understand, and change.

The one reason I write is to empower individual’s, because each and every one of you matters in this world. I want you to recognize and put to use the blessings of which we’re made of, and know for fact that any questions or difficulties you face; all the answers can be found within yourself. In this life, you are your greatest teacher, if you choose to listen.

The content I’ll be sharing – as my subtitle suggests – is based on my journey to achieving every day wellness. All things mind, body, and spirit. My writings will no longer be a mere release, they’re written with you, the reader, in mind first and foremost.

There is a lot I have learned in the past years from working with health professionals (namely functional, alternative, and ancient medicine practices and fitness professionals), studies, and researching. I am currently studying to become a RHD (Registered Holistic Nutritionist). My biggest teacher has been my own self; mind, heart, soul, and body. When it comes to health my strongest belief is that each person should be guided intuitively. What works for me, may not work for you. And what works for you today, may not work in a few weeks time. Just like the field of science and heath, we are continually changing and it is our job to stay in tune with our body’s, listen, and adapt accordingly. There is no one path to wellbeing, however, there are common basics.

I’m excited to share this journey with you, it is sharing after all, that makes anything worthwhile!


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