Healing: Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

Note: This is part one to a three part series.

Pursuing the natural holistic route to healing has been one of the most humbling, informative, and life changing journey’s for me. One that is also never ending.

I have come to know this one truth for fact through my own personal experiences and that of clients: Your biography becomes your biology.

It’s astounding how our thoughts and emotions are continually communicating with all our body systems. With time, emotional trauma literally manifest its expression into our physical organs, leading to all sorts of degenerative, chronic, and/or life-threatening diseases.

While using food as your prescriptions, putting your body to use through movement, hydrating, sleeping enough, managing stress, and using natural herbs and supplements as needed all do wonders in the long run if implemented consistently- sometimes the problems are generated in our minds and the issue becomes one of a toxic soul and not just body.

This has brought me to desire more understanding, self-reflection, and self-empowerment. The only one who can heal you from anything is yourself. You can ask for guidance- and you should- but know that all the answers and power you need lies within you and in the present.

While what I’m saying is nothing new and I have written previously about it in some form or the other, obviously, there will always be more work to do when we’re dealing with mind-matters and subconscious thoughts.

Recently, I have realized that I still cling to limiting beliefs. For example, I thought that the path to awakening meant life will get easier. It has actually been the contrary. As you evolve spiritually, life continues to test you, if not more than ever before. Sometimes it feels like I’m clearing my karma faster (karma from another life or someone else’s because yes, I still often wonder “What did I do to deserve this?”).

Similarly, pursuing health and wellness from a natural, functional and holistic perspective; I knew I’d be faced with challenges given the many forms of toxicities in the modern day world (not to mention, ignorance and resistance on true health matters with coops that only care to sell us food, water, and medicine that leave us addicted to the very substances that are ending our lives faster) however, I did not think that the stronger my connection to my body and the more I detoxed inside out that it would purge conditions more often. I am much more physically sensitive to many foods, environments, water, and even others that don’t align with my spirit. The majority of my days, I can no longer can go out and eat out at restaurants like “a normal person”- not without payback. A restrictive diet for me is not about weight loss (I never cared for that) but a mean to keep certain symptoms at bay, feel good, and allow me to function optimally.  Holla to those of you that are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free…you get the gist. It’s not some trend for us either, we watch our food quality because our lives literally depend on it. We also cannot live ignoring our body’s signals as the majority do; gas, bloating, brain fog, fatigue, (insert “minor” symptom many presume is “normal” here) is NOT normal. The saying is true, “genetics load the gun and environment pulls the trigger,” your diet/nutrition strategy and lifestyle can override your genetics. Some of us need to work much harder than others thanks to our genetic predispositions, and it’s a 24/7 job to do (more on this in another post).

I also kept repeating one thought, forgetting the significance behind repetition, particularly when uttered out loud: “I have often contemplated why life allows some people to go through it untouched, meanwhile others are given a calamity after the next. The latter are also the very ones that live life with others making it their mission to break them.”

As you can see, the thoughts above have not been exactly empowering.

For this post, I will leave you with two shifts in perspective to start pondering upon:

  1. You are responsible for everything that happened and continues to happen to you. No one is to blame. If you must point a finger, point it at yourself.
  2. No one is out to harm or break you. You attract people and relationships that reflect your own thought patterns, self-beliefs, and self-esteem.

Personally, even as someone who is dedicated to self-love in practice, has confidence, and is very mindful of her thoughts…I still get in my own way. It’s humbling to admit that the fact I keep attracting unhealthy individuals (although much much less than before), means there’s a fraction of myself in them, which I have yet to address and work on. The reality is, to access these subconscious beliefs takes in depth work. But it is very feasible. You can begin to heal starting with your thoughts and nurturing the emotions that will help make you better.

Remember, what you tell yourself about a story, situation, injury, or illness can be the very reason it gets worse. Watch your mind, it narrates and directs your body.

As I intend on writing a part two to this post, the following one will be about how we create our belief systems, and following that what can be done to truly heal. Till then, remember to show yourself enough love and nurturing 🙂

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