Leading With Your Heart

Let me share a lesson to all those that are on a journey of self-improvement and spirituality.

The truth is, sometimes that road will encumber you from living.

I have lived my life a slave to my mind, declaring it as self-conquering. I was loyal to it trusting that it is the core to my “wisdom,” and thus, keeping me “secure” and “moral”.

Till a few months ago…I noticed how my psyche is always on, commenting on anything and everyone, from a leaf to a being. It would tell me who is right for me, and not, that I deserve better so must wait it out, it would over analyze like it knows it all and it is the pillar to my welfare. Fuck it would not even let me relax tranquilly in nature.

I decided I had enough. Then I taught myself to observe the thoughts, laugh at my psyche, and let go of the thoughts. And in many instances, I go and do the exact OPPOSITE of what my mind is telling me NOT to.

Wisdom is not thinking before life hands you an experience. Nor does it come from having a shield on. Yes, prevention is better than curing for some cases, but life was made to break you. That is how you truly grow into who you are meant to be.

Know that your mind is only rehearsing what it knows from past experiences, most likely bad ones. I is trying to “keep you safe,” but in all essence, all it is doing is stopping you from truly living openly. So stop living on avoid. Accept pain as part of life and learn to master it!

Forget your mind, and follow your heart.

If you want to truly experience a love, and so life, out of this world, you got to leave all “rationality” behind.

And let me tell you, holy fuck, it is beyond awesome to live with a mind that is still and quiet in sheer harmony and peace no matter what is said or crumbles in front of your own eyes. Goodbye, over-thinking racing mind, I shall not miss you.

“How is it that we follow an organ that is anything but loud when it speaks, if ever?”

I will admit I battled “following” what is silent myself.

The key is not to look for its voice. What many don’t know is your heart is the core to your memory, not your brain. Your brain is merely a receiver. Still the brain takes over almost everyone. Why? Because you feed it. You put your energy in thoughts, good and bad, (especially the bad, we love digging our own dark holes do not we?) and you keep ruminating till it becomes a habit.

Like all other habits, they can be broken. The worse the habit, the harder you have to work to break it.

The only way for your heart to take charge and thus be easy to follow, is by silencing your mind.

Quiet all that chatter. And here is where I went wrong at the start: quieting the mind is NOT done through fighting with your psyche, quite the contrary. Never try to defeat your mind or tell it otherwise, you will always lose! Just refuse to put energy in it. Do not converse with it at all. Observe, listen, and let go. Make that voice in your head another person you re merely watching if it’ll make it easier. Know what it is saying does not matter and center yourself. The heart will then speak up.

To be honest, you will find a lot of ugly emotions ensnared in there that you may even refuse to look within, but with determination to self-reflect and turn inwards, meanwhile enduring a grieving process you will eventually heal it all. This is where real enlightenment comes in, from your deepest of wounds!

Once you learn to mend your own heart, and copiously, and tap into the true power and light that is already within you; you will be liberated to fully experience this life without fear. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? Your heart will break? Again? Good!!! Bring it on.

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