Life As An “Introvert”

My whole life, people always referred to me as “too deep,” “too intense,” “in her own world,” and found the need to tell me that “I need to be more available,” “I am too hard to get, men give up the chase”.

I have also been called an “old soul” and “grandma” since very young due to being so serious and quiet at points, and for the choice of topics I would only discuss.

Here are a few things you need to know about me, a person who lives in her own world within.

1. I am not shy, anything but that actually; I am extremely confident. I just prefer remaining quiet when surrounded by wrong crowds or mere acquaintances.

2. I am not arrogant, stuck-up, or a snob. I am simply a reserved individual who only gets into real, raw relationships of passion and whole intimacy.

3. I am not anti-social, I am actually extremely social! But like said above, only when I am around those I care to know. I am selective; I prefer quality over quantity.

4. I have a super high senses/intuitions when it comes to reading others energies and their truth; regardless of how great of actors/actresses they are. Thus, I find that so many people are not worth my knowing, sadly. Most people today are what they hide; from those that are fake, to hypocrites, to the liars and insincere people- I do not need any in my life!

4. I do not feel lonely just because I am sitting alone, to the contrary, I only feel alone and lonely among crowds of people that are not mine. I love my own company and I have one beautiful world within me that I can drift away to at any time or day.

5. I will never lend a word or even ear to gossip, drama, or empty talks. I care only for deep conversations, I do not want to sit and talk about others! That is not because I dislike them, but because their lives and actions are none of my business. No need to create barriers between people by sharing what you saw or heard and adding your two cents. I like to talk about your essence and what matters in life, I get deep quick because I only care for genuine connections.

6. I am always okay, so stop asking. Again, I simply like being quiet at points.

7. I do not get bored easily, if ever. Even if you are bored and/or boring. But again, stop asking questions, I am probably sucking the hushed atmosphere of awkwardness up for you to feel comforted.

8. My mind is always working, if your chatter is void of quality and disinterests me- do not worry I am self-entertained. I probably would not hang out with you again though lol.

9. Being with the wrong people or the mundane ones that lack passion drains my energy; I am a vibrant loud passionate person who lives out of her comfort zone and is always up for new experiences.

10. I hate networking. It is easy to be fake behind a screen and it is a time waster. Like I said, I like authentic raw relationships which requires two to be present, eye-to-eye.

11. I am a writer. We tend to listen and observe more; I always feel I am out to study. Any simple night out or conversation can be turned into a written piece of art and revelations for me.

12. I do not like labels, so I do not like being called an introvert even. I just am, I am me, authentically and fully.

13. I do not get bored even doing nothing. I believe one of the keys to a healthy happy individual is to know when to start and keep moving, and when to be still and do nothing. Yes, literally nothing. A balance between both is essential to a good healthy mind, Self, and so life. Sometimes when the last think you want to do is get out of bed; you need to move without thought! Get up, dress up, show up for your life and just go with the flow regardless of how you feel. Other times it is necessary you take a time out and do nothing, just sit with yourself; confront, feel, reflect, relax, meditate, be patient and compassionate with your seemingly temporarily “useless” self, recover inside out, and when it is time to let it all go, drop it…and get back on the train of life!

14. I do not watch TV and hardly any movies; been years since my last. I like getting out and doing things in nature and with people. I do not like living vicariously through others and/or a screen.

15. I hate it when my phone rings or beeps.

16. I see the big picture of life and all. I do not care for details or facts. I do not whine or complain or nag. Life is too short.

17. I need balance although I was prone to extremities growing up. I alternate between downtime and work, and solitude and socialism.

18. I am self-centered and focused, it is hard for me to not talk about myself.

19. You know how girls and women walk into salons and chit chat with their hairdresser or whatever? Yes, so not me. Just get the job done and let me thank you and walk away!

20. It is not necessarily geek’s or nerd’s that are quiet, you’d be surprised to find that the wild ones can master camouflaging into silence according to their surroundings.

21. I do not care to fit into a society or family or anything really. 

22. I feel, all the time, and times ten of what you do. Everything is just that much more intense so it is necessary at points I sit in silence with that wave of overwhelm.

23. I will never be one of those people that go to events or even funerals just cause I want the visit returned. Most people probably will not be invited to mine either. I only care to go to those I am truly close to and would genuinely be happy for with my all and not just present in mind to socialize and no more.

24. I connect deeply with animals and nature; in them I find my home.

Now having listed all this, I can assure you this world needs more introverts. We are the ones that bring passion to life and put mad love in the life of others. W are the ones that follow our light and walk alone just to keep it shining. We believe in ourselves and we never give up on our dreams. We care for our needs and happiness, and thus, would care for yours. We are gifted, and even if you do not see it, we will not let you turn us into your definition of “normal”.


  1. I love this and I relate to almost all of the points here. And number 23 is completely me, thanks for sharing 🙂

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