Life & Love From The Heart of A Cancer Woman

Growing up, I never took horoscopes to heart. I would read for the sun of it, and forget. As I got older, I was told that in Islam it is “Harram” aka forbidden to believe in them, that got me even more disinterested.

I would read on Cancer women; how moody and overly sensitive they can be, and somehow those were her most negative traits- and they’re true indeed. But I accepted them and realized I need to work better on my moods, respect my sensitivity, and control my emotions and reactions. It took being in situations that pushed my boundaries and reacting a few times to reach that emotional maturity.

It was also mentioned that a Cancer is more likely to be clingy and pessimistic; I hate putting such assumptions in my mind, so I’m glad I never took them seriously, but thankfully I have practiced detachment all my life and I have learned to be optimistic after many years of depression as a young teen.

I looked into natal birth charts and Chinese zodiacs; I was not surprised to found out I am Horse in that philosophy. But I realized I am a bit of everything all in one. I can come off as the self-absorbed and self-fulfilled Aries to many for instance. I do have a lot of horse traits like mentioned in the Chinese zodiac; surely I knew I embodied their free spirit all along. It is why I have been passionate about them my whole life; I saw them as mirrors of myself.

I then noticed how I have only ever attracted Pisces or Aires men my whole life. Second comes Leo. I saw patterns to those I was drawn to. Somehow, water and fire kept knocking on my doors.

I also searched for the compatibility of others I knew that had failed relationships/marriages, and I recall all I could think was “Damn, if only either of them bothered to Google this they would run before settling for a lifetime with the wrong person,” because the majority of what was written was exactly the issues they were having and cannot fix.

Since then my curiosity was risen, every time I meet a man I had to know his sign. I cannot say I believe, but it is good to read into this stuff and have an idea of things without fixating them as the one and only truth.

I believe what shapes a person more than anything is his upbringing/childhood, his parents marriage, surroundings/environment, his education, and the experiences he/she has been through in life and not his star sign; but in a general sense they do give you an outline on what to expect although not fully accurate or one size fits all under the same sign.

As a Cancer woman, here is how I am and how I love. I do not know if this will define all other Cancers, however.

I was made to nurture. I only know how to mother and give, at many instants, at my own cost indeed. I exhaust myself trying to bring out a good in others and to make this world a better place. To the least, I must leave people and things better than when I had first met them.

I feel everything 100 times more than you do and my inner vibes and intuitions are so high, so yes when I was younger moodiness was an issue. The emotions were waves of overwhelm, but as I got older, I have learned to conquer them.

I am highly sensitive to the energy of others; I meet you all as naked spirits, thus, I crave time alone very often to restore and replenish. Only so I would give more.

I have taken care of others all my life, before I even knew to take care of myself.

I am as real as they get. My emotions are so deep and raw that as a young girl and lady I could only keep walls up. It is true when they say Cancers have tough hard shells to protect themselves. It took determined strength to be vulnerable and I was lucky enough to have met another half of mine that was capable of teaching me to listen to and follow my heart, as well as, take pride in feeling and loving so fiercely.

I am as passionate as can be. My love is deeper than the oceans. That is why I keep my heart reserved. I cannot love except with all my being, inside out. I believe that love is the greatest gift of this life and strongest weapon. I believe it is our essence. I believe that love should only be mad, passionate, deep, and free; not average, normal, and mediocre like so many things in life!

Speaking of reserved, my body is as well. I do not do one-night stands or flings or relationships just to fill needs within or for pleasures sake. You have to win my heart, soul, and mind first to be blessed by my treasured body. I would never give my body to someone who does not respect, love, and worship every part of me as a whole; else wise I would feel unworthy and undesired.

If you are lucky enough to have my heart, I do not ask for much in return. A small gesture of affection will take me to the moon. I only want to feel understood, valued, appreciated, and safe.

I do not like playing games of read my mind or read between the lines or understand my silence. When it comes to dealing with others it is easy as: Express yourself as you wish. Clarify your needs and wants, ASK for what you want, and I will give according! I can hardly ever say no. It is really simply straightforward honest communication.

I need more alone time, did I say that already? Well, once more is needed. I have always found people that cannot stay single for long completely unattractive. I mean for a year, minimum. Why? Simple, because if they cannot stay with themselves for long enough and cannot enjoy their own company, they certainly will not commit to you, definitely, not for a lifetime! At least not on all levels; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They are always out for the next distraction or another love just for the sake of change or greater pleasure. When the truth is they are just running away from themselves. Time alone is a vital necessity for one’s wellbeing and fulfillment- and only then can you attract right partner(s), you will find you hardly need many, if one at all!

I can be both shy and modest, and at other times very audacious and naughty; especially when it comes to getting physical. I am of very sexual nature, for me to have sex would be to use my body to express a love beyond all words possible and past this realm and no less. My passion unhinges when I am in love and with every touch I embody fire. So in all essence, I only care to make profound love.

The self-love I have fostered throughout the years has helped me never compromise or settle this special person that I am. It did take me a long a while for me to not just know but feel for fact how amazingly special I am and a few wrong people in my life. That has allowed me to embrace my uniqueness even more.

I am too kind, to the extent I was people’s doormats for years in the past. I always said I would take the burdens and sufferings of others just to spare them theirs; and that was how I lived. Today, however, I know I deserve love and happiness and to stay focused on myself and let others dharma unravel, even if it will be painful. I simply cannot watch others in pain and not be pained twice as much.

I can be a playful child; I am full of humor, life, and adventure. At the same time, I can be a strict mature adult. Balance for me is key, although growing up all I did was go from one extreme to the other.

I am great with children because I am very pure at heart. I have brought up several kids as my own. I simply understand them fully and would do anything to make a child happy.

I love spontaneity and I hate routine. I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I love to be challenged. I am also my greatest and only competitor in this life.

Once I love you, I will be as loyal and faithful as can be and only because I am so. It is about staying loyal to myself.

I am keen to protect those I love.

I value nothing more than integrity, a person putting his/her needs first, respect, love, and humility.

I live for freedom and adventure, but I do crave stability.

I am as feminine as a Queen can be, but I am so used to playing the role of King. I have been my own savior all my life, and thrived alone.

I think words are so powerful, I am very affected by them. To utter “I love you” to me is a promise in itself. I never forget what was said to me, although I may forget what happened.

Speaking of words, I need constant reminders of where I stand in someones heart. That can be as simple as getting me juice, making me breakfast, writing me a letter, or giving me a kiss on my forehead.

I like to feel needed, although I know love is not to need.

I am very opinionated. I am honest and loud when it comes to who I am and what I stand up for. I do not hide, not even my flaws or mistakes. I do not follow numbers and groups, I prefer walking alone.

It took a lot of work to learn to forgive. The only thing I clung to was my past and once I learned to let go I was finally present in today and free to love unwaveringly.

The love I have to offer everyone is as real, unconditional, pure, and authentic as love can get. I love you for your sake, and not mine.

I love drawing genuine smiles upon the faces of others, makes me feel accomplished.

I only know how to laugh from my heart. You will find me almost always smiling for no reason. I laugh, sing, and dance anywhere at anytime and in my own company.

I do not know how to act or fake. If I am feeling down, you will see real tears flow and I take pride in them. But I tend to hide during these days cause I hate spreading sad energy. If I am happy, I will pour it all into others. Energy is contagious after all and I only want to spread whats positive.

I have a brave courageous big heart and soul. And I am quite the rebel at points; I would die for love. I take risks.

I am fierce and powerful, and I know it.

I also know my heart and soul are my greatest of blessings.

I cannot be owned by another, I am as free and wild as the wind. I do not want to own anyone either, I want a beloved to belong to me with his free will.

My outside can appear so strong that it is as though I am chilled and hardened, but within I will always be soft, warm, and tender.

I am overly expressive in words, body language, and gestures; I always want to be understood.

Like aforementioned, I am sensitive but not only to my needs but also to the needs of others.

I have a vast strong imagination, I am an artist in my every day life.

I am stubborn, that is my most negative trait. I is only because I am aware I know myself best and what I want in this life.

I love to love. I am a hopeless romantic. You heard of that story of the couple that’s been married for 64 years whom one died after the other within a few hours with their hands clutched tightly? That is the love I believe in and want. A love that is so good in this life and a person you love so truly to a an unfathomable degree and deepness that you would be blessed to have them even after death.

I cry in sad moments and even more in happy moments. And I love hugs and cuddling.

I am closer than family to my true friends in this life. I am very family-oreinted as well. It is true, home is where my heart is. My home is in people, not a place.

When it comes to clothing, I love comfort and vintage.

I can read people easily.

I need daily exercise and meditation considering my overly emotional nature. They are my means to therapy.

I work on my spirit and body, every day.

I live with my heart on fire, a flame that can never dim and is constantly burning.

I am a confident soul with an open mind, faithful spirit, and enduring heart.

I live by unconditional love and gratitude.

Passion is my drive.

My standards are too high.

I have an insane love for animals, I communicate with them on all levels thus, I prefer their company to others that are not like-minded, negative, dishonest or empty within. I love nature too.

I believe our only and truest need is to love and be loved for all that we are.

I am the “type” that wants a special book, poem, or written letter as a present. I do not want jewelry, designer items, chocolates, whatever costly materials or even an overdose of flowers- as much as I love them, they die. Even better than books; take me somewhere worth going to for an adventure! But yes, if you are not creative enough to come up with that get me a book or a fancy empty journal.. I will imagine and create my own world and wild ride 😉

And yes, I love myself, a little too much 😉 I know my goodness, purity, and incredible heart and soul that I am. What’s not to love?

I never cared if people knew the songs to my heart or listened- I only cared that I continue to sing them regardless. This is to be alive after all; it is to live so abundantly with an overflow of love from within 🙂

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