I Forgive Because..

I forgive because…

…I want to move with, and not against, the flow of life, which is forward.

…I am strong, mature and responsible individual. I refuse to play victim.

…I will not let someone else’s wrongdoing shape me into who I am not or let me hang onto negative emotions.

…I refuse to be anyone but my big hearted loving Self; with an open mind and free spirit.

…I have removed that person from my life for my own good and let go, I do not want any emotions to be binding me to that person- prefer them out of my mind, and heart.

…I live by my words, I fight evil with good.

…the easy way out is to revenge and hate; both will poison my heart, mind, and soul forever even if they give temporary gratification.

…regardless of all disappointments, broken promises, and betrayals- I deserve better and want to propel myself to what is best for me.

…today I know better, and can walk away from whom and what do not serve me with ease.

…hating something means that I have chosen that destructive emotion. Hate is just as linking as love but instead it is an emotion that will deteriorate me and nobody else!

…I refuse to hinder my ability to love. I want to offer unconditional love even to those that wish me no well, that can’t be done from a bitter hurting heart!

…I want to heal and allow the light to shine in even the deepest of wounds.

…I have learned that to win is to surrender and to be at peace with the situation, primarily through a peace I have reached within.

…I am not what has been done to me or my past.

…clinging to judgements about myself and others only consumes my inner world to negativity.

…I am not a victim. This victim identity is for the spiritually dead in life that can live in denial putting masks on.

…anything that has been done to me was not under my control, in the end, it defines the other person and not me.

…I have learned to value my mistakes for the priceless lessons I have learned.

…I will not allow toxic and unpleasant people and situations to have a hold over my life. Only myself and God.

…today is too beautiful and I am lucky enough to have been given a new day to rise to; even more, to have survived the long dark nights.

…every day is a new chance granted to start fresh and all over.

…once I do my energy can be better spent on myself and purpose.

…I do not expect people to be like me; kind, of integrity, and well-intentions. I can only appreciate those that are and pray for those that are not.

…I cannot change what has happened I can only learn, grow, and let it go.

…it is God’s will to have occurred.

…as a human we are all imperfect, I am in no state to hold anything against anyone equal to my essence.

…I do not harbor hatred between one another.

…to focus on ones flaws and wrongs means I myself am covered with them!

…my heart is too big to hate and too nurtured with love to allow anything negative.

…I cannot rewrite the past, and I do not want to. It made me into the genuine amazing woman I am today.

…my sense of peace is not worth sacrificing over something that happened in the past.

…then I can forget it enough to not rehearse the story and keep my past alive!

…I refuse to be held captive by others behaviors and doings. I refuse to cage myself in a past.

…it is a choice to forgive.

…I choose to see the intent behinds people’s worst of actions and cultivate empathy. It is true that only hurt people, hurt others. They treat you how they treat themselves.

…I will always choose to be the bigger and better person in negative situations.

…I want to continue to wish everyone well- even those that hate me, talk badly of me, consider me an enemy, have done me wrong, caused me hurt and/or wish me no well.

…the worst thing is despair, I want hope to shine through me, and that cannot happen when I focus on what has gone wrong, but only when I focus on the good and right.

…the best people go through the hardest of times, and everything happens for a reason.

…what has happened is preparing me for what is to come.

…I want to navigate from self-love at all times and maintain my peace of mind.

…no matter how agonizing and terrible the experience I refuse to tell of story of regret- instead I wil take it to my advantage, use it as a stepping stone to my masterpiece!

…it nourishes my heart.

…it is being responsible for the hurt that was caused to myself and others.

…I cannot be happy if I am carrying the burden of the yesterday on my shoulders. No matter how terrible the hurt. The past is history and there is nothing I can do to change it. So I will breathe in the future and breathe out the past. Focus on making the best of the present, and the past will take care of itself.

…I am human. We were made to get vulnerable and weak. It is okay I let someone exploit my vulnerabilities and use me up. I want to be the captain of my life, this means being responsible for my hurt. All that I said and did when I should not have, and all that I should have said and did but did nott.

…my futures too promising if only I stay true to myself and do not let anyone make me like them; selfish, bitter, envious, or angry.

…the best revenge is a life lived healthy, happily, and fully without those that do not matter in mind!

…I deserve the best. I forgive for my sake, not only theirs.

…I want to restore trust in myself and so in others, to always allow myself to be open.

…I want to forget the offenses. I do not want to live my life offended by others.

…I want to stop being hard on myself, and so others.

…I what to relinquish my right to get even.

…I want to be forgiven.

…it is an attribute of the Divine, and one I will repeat till I master.


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