As A Healthy Happy Person..

A list of most of my habits, ways of thinking and lifestyle. I would assume those that are happy, healthy, and successful, at least spiritually in life, will find many that apply to theirs from this list.

I am conscious. I am live in the now.

I let go of my past and do not worry of how bright my future will be.

I let go; of whom and what does not serve me. I am constantly detaching. Yes even if I love you greatly, if you are toxic I keep my distance love you from afar.

I get out and make things happen.

I am mindful; in my thoughts, speech, eating choices and habits, time, friendships..

I put my body to use, even if it is just for 10-20 minutes of intense exercise a day.

I take time here and there to do just nothing and self-reflect in silence.

I meditate.

I know I matter in this world and am out making a difference, even if it is a person at a time.

I have faith. I pray.

I like to hop around and am light in my feet.

I know failure is part of success. Sometimes life takes me backwards before I can be propelled forward.

I love nature.

I consider animals my family and connect with the easily and beyond the norm.

I adore children and embrace the one within me.

I love challenges.

I welcome pain.

I do not lose my temper easily, I have spent years cultivating my own peace of mind and thus let no one and nothing outside affect it.

I do the simple things many take for granted with gratitude and awareness. Like savoring every bite of food, sip of water, and earned rest.

I keep my mind and heart cut open.

I travel often and alone.

I know how to have fun!

I am always out for discovery.

I smile, all the time.

I laugh out and loudly from my heart. I cannot help but spread that infectious energy 😉

I have gotten to know and listen to my body and its needs.

I eat only when I am hungry and stop when satisfied.

I touch other people, not everyone of course. But I like intimacy. I am very expressive with my body, as with my art.

I use fear as my motivator. And haters as my fuel to do better and be bigger!

I love the sun and sea.

I am not a fan of social media.

I keep my personal life, private.

I have fostered my self-esteem and walk in confidence.

I do not feel jealous or envious.

I do things anyways, ready or not.

I rarely ever watch the news. No political issues and no celebrity gossip.

I don’t even watch TV. I haven’t seen i a movie in 3 years minimum. I simply hate sitting, I’d prefer to be out living. Only things I watch are nature/animal and scientific documentaries.

I eat more plants and less animals, only some fish and seafood on occasions.  It’s beneficial to my spirit that way.

I don’t do comfort zones.

I hate routine. The only routines in my life are exercise and a few health habits.

I don’t judge and have cultivated sympathy and compassion.

I am aware of my thoughts.

I am always responsible for my emotions and whatever happens in my life.

I don’t drink liquor.

I meditate and practice a personal created yoga.

I know the value of breathing and deeply. I do breath work daily.

I take risks.

I am focused on my own self-improvement.

I give and don’t think of taking.

I choose my friends wisely.

I keep my energy reserved and make sure it’s alway positive.

I don’t live to work. I work to live, just a bare minimum needed.

I use the power of affirmations, mantras, and visualizations.

I know that nothing is impossible.

I love hugs.

I see everything as a blessing and opportunity for growth.

I take myself out on dates.

I love to read. I love art. I love music. I love any stimulation to my creativity.

I am highly sensitive to the energy of others.

I embrace and fully feel all my senses.

I love myself, inside out, every inch of me.

I put myself and my needs first. Yet, I’m as selfless as can be.

I am independent.

I am passionate and live my passions.

I allow myself to feel.

I have freedom to express.

I have friends that are closer to me than family.

I am honest and kind with myself and others.

I make sure I feel and look good for myself and no one else!

I dream big.

I love with my all and fiercely.

I compare myself nor my life to nobody else.

I lead by example.

I make mistakes cause after all I am only human, like you.

I am stronger than many but my strengths lie in my weaknesses.

I have morning and night rituals.

I am an early riser.

I don’t care for money I only care for love. Nothing outweighs the giving of oneself like I always say.

I use love as my weapon.

I respond, not react.

I take nothing personally.

I wish for others what I wish for myself and no less.

I don’t care to please people.

I don’t care to fit in.

I don’t turn tables and/or blame.

I don’t hold grudges.

I am my only competition.

I have a few countable close soul friends that are my support in life, I don’t bother with negative or toxic people.

I mind my own lives.

I don’t care what you think.

I am a priority in my own lives, I make time for myself.

I am patient, even when I am really impatient.

I know when to say “No” because I have personal boundaries that keep me healthy.

I follow my intuitions.

I am punctual, have to always be on time!

I listen to my heart.

I long chose to control my mind.

I don’t complain.

I live by my core values and have my own rules. I don’t follow norms or traditions or religious scriptures blindly.

I know my body is the greatest thing I’ll ever own.

I know love is freeing, I don’t domineer or posses.

I love to love, I have no room for hate in my heart.

I’d always lend a hand, yet I know I can only love people and not change or save them.

I learn something new every day.

I am a naked soul in this world.

I see money as insignificant- as long as we have enough to survive, pursue our passions and travel of course 😉

I know health is the greatest riches.

I talk to strangers.

I am humorous.

I know when to put up a greater fight and when to surrender.

I accept what life hands me, good and bad.

I see beyond your looks and portrayed images.

I don’t waste time on social media means.

I have long embraced the impermanence of life.

I can make a friend out of everyone and never an enemy out of anyone, for I have no enemy within.

I respect and value myself, life is a journey we navigate from self-love.

I want you to experience and have true love too.

I am at peace with death.

I know balance and moderation.

I create our my luck.

I know I am awesome and believe it within, yet it’s no ticket to be arrogant or prideful.

I am down to earth although reserved.

I give my all with might when I am dedicated. I won’t stop until I’ve finished.

I know myself best.

I refuse to lose myself in love or another.

I see everyone as equal.

I know I am a rare gem.

I am innately motivated, I don’t things in strive of the external world.

I only converse in deep topics. I don’t do gossip, drama, or news.

I listen closely, and with my heart more than mind.

I think ignorance and lack of self-love are the biggest barriers between us all.

I celebrate myself and our every day life!

I want you to be happy and successful too.


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