A Greater Wholeness: Spiritual Love Making

They lie in this energetic field of love magnets, both compelling yet so harmonious.
Naked souls, bare hearts, and open minds before bodies.
Waves of bliss wrap them in ambush.
A beatitude of serenity within.
The only noises are his loud pounding heartbeats and their breaths synced as one.
They take deep breathes to be able to fathom this perfect unity.

Their eyes close at so many instants absorbed in an intensity of love beyond any understanding, acceptance, and passion they have experienced or witnessed in this world.
He moved ever so slowly with grace and affection.
There was no goal in mind, no need to consummate- only an authentic and natural practice to declare ones love for the other without a word uttered.
Caressing her every part with his tongue and lips.
His skin becomes hers.
Their tastes mixed in accord ultimatum.
Their scents meshed in sublimity.

They knew not a self before one another.
They reversed roles to lead in the most trusted state of resignation, yielding to the other with full mindfulness and not one fear or doubt.
A resolute respect and devotion to each other.
With every touch, he honored her like a divine.
With her every action, she expressed the gist of her heart and soul and with passion to his every cell.

No part of the other was left undiscovered, inside out.
Not one state or taste.
Their deep intimacy, after all, took years of giving ones heart, soul, and mind to allow the bestowing of their bodies to the other.
To look in her eyes was to look in is own reflected image in a mirror.

He wrapped his arms around her and lock his world within in her eyes.
Engulfed in this hypnagogic force everything beyond this moment is obliterated.
They could only surrender to a greater whole they never knew existed or capable of, time and time again.

Their movements like the chords of a guitar, ever so melodious complemented one another.
It was as though their bodies were made for each other all along, complete masterpieces; instruments of love fully engaged in their unanimity.
Then the heat rises, after hours of expression.
With their energy centers and hearts aligned, they drown in an overflow of adoration, gratitude, passion, and respect.
They created an eternal art that will forever be treasured and revived within them.

Eyes closed, mouth wide open.
They climaxed simultaneously.
She muttered his name in elation.
As her eyes opened, she cannot begin to think how this started, knowing this love would never end.
He moaned in love. His flushed face, his most genuine and biggest, yet rarest smile taking over, and his racing heart were her silent proof to equate to the state of rapture she was in.
He sighed deeply collapsing in ecstasy.
He kept her held even tighter in his arms and whispers in her ears from the bottom of his heart.
He whispered words of love, integrity, and appreciation.
He thanked her for all she is, the beauty that is outer and inner.
But above all, he lay blessed wondering how he could ever let go of such great wholeness.

They lay for long, wishing it could be forever cuddling strongly.
They bathed and dress one another.
He kissed her forehead, her eyes, her hands, and her feet in recognition, praise, and gratitude.

They never wanted to let go.
For they yearned for one another in missing even when they were together.
They knew they were lucky to have met and experienced this greater wholeness.
They knew that this is the best life could offer; a love that would live on and an immortal connection of inner rapport profoundly rooted in the core of their beings.
A heart and soul that are forever reflected and minds immersed.

They always will be infinitely destined even if this world takes their bodies apart, and certainly in a life after.
Just as they were in a life before.

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