A Poem For A Loved One

I don’t think it’s a coincidence how and when you came in my life
You were hard work to raise
Yet taking care of you, equated to taking care of myself
A blessing perfectly timed!

You were there to caress me whenever I broke to pieces
You licked my every tear with love
You’d grab me and smooch me exactly when I needed it
You slept in my arms in peace almost every night
You would wake up to kiss me randomly drowned in love as we sleep
Every kiss I felt how grateful you were for my presence
You never wanted to let me get out of your sight.

If I was gone for five minutes or five days you’d still miss me the same
With passionate madness!

The happiness when you sense me near
Your heart racing in excitement
You could barely catch your breath!

Your eyes warm
Your smile
Your tail wagging all over the place; in noise and sight.

You’ve taught me what it’s like to truly miss and love another
If only I had you as a child
I’d know better earlier!

Innocent soul that I’ve nurtured that…
I’ve had to chop up meat and bones for by my bare hands with disgust since I myself am vegetarian yet with a whole lot of love
I’ve dropped the most painful tears for every time I’d travel and let you go to another that did not treat you well without my knowledge
I’ve had to pick out hundreds of fleas from once although I have an insect phobia.

Innocent soul that I’ve nurtured that…
I’ve had vomit on me several times from
I’ve had to clean her toilet
I was told would die due to an illness after 3 days of just being gifted by you
But for weeks every minute I cared for you till you were healthy and full of life.

Innocent soul that I’ve nurtured
Through sickness, through health, through play, and through the rough
As loyal as anything can be…

My play buddy
My dance partner
My favorite to hug
My best companion
My training observer
My yogi mate
My child within
My emotional outlet
My baby to protect
My aggressive wild one


Many may think and say I was wrong to raise you with affection of and nurture you like a child
But they won’t know the depth of our bond
We had our language
Be it with your eyes, your licks, your calling, your jaw, your weeps or your front legs extended trying to hold my hands
I’m sorry if that made life harder for you bringing you up this way, especially now with me gone.

I know my heart will ache with you wondering where I’ll be gone to and for longer than usual
I know you’ll sit counting impatiently in depression
But what I hope you shall know and feel within your heart,
I shall miss you every second too
And I shall weep within at the thought of you wishing I was by your side.

I hope you still have your appetite like you do when I’m around
That you run and play freely
That you know I’m right there beside you through it all
And that you feel the security I give you and love I have for you without me there.

I hope you shall also know you were the truest member of my family for the every day you were there since I was blessed with your being
Silly, clumsy too kind, overly sensitive, mad like your mama, always playful- it’s draining, childish, and free in spirit
You never failed to make me smile.

This is not goodbye, just farewell my dearest Valerie.


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