My Natural Remedies For Health Issues

It has been over 3 years I do not take any medicine whatsoever, so I do have my list of holistic treatments and natural remedies listed in a diary for myself to recall although by now they’ve become second nature. Growing up with a family in medicine, my mother being a pharmacist too, my parents are overly dependent on pills to swallow and injections for any fast relief and “cure”. Little did they know it’s only temporary and weakens their immune system. They are still trying whenever I get in any health crisis to make me take medicine, but I do not even think of it as an option anymore. I believe the body has the power to heal us from any disease, if only we eat right, take care of it and strengthen it, and finally make use of all the miracle natural cures this planet earth has among it.

I have covered my ways or solutions for what I struggle with emotionally in the first post this second post is about a few of the physical/outer issues we all face, such as fevers and flus, to skin and digestive issues, sports injuries and so on I provide you with my natural remedies.

Above all, have to say I am no doctor but I am simply someone who’s been through a lot, researched and looked for cures to try myself first hand. I have always been interested in holistic healing, I’ve studied into Ayurvedic and Islamic medicine. But of course know that each body works differently; what works for me may not work for you. It takes trial and error and listening to your own body and adjusting accordingly.

I will divide them up into sections as it’s a long list, so you can easily navigate to the issue without having to read all.


Sinusitis: Invest in a netipot. Put in it 2 cups warm water, mix in a teaspoon of sea salt. Then put 3 drops Eucalyptus, 3 drops Rosemary, 2 Lavender, 2 Tea Tree essential oils. Finally, add 10 drops Betadine especially if it’s an infection. The key here is to use this mixture throughout your day and often.

Sick/Flu: I forget medicine exists- I haven’t taken a pill in 3 years now like said. Ensure you’re hydrated. Eat nourishing foods mainly in liquid form (broths, soups, juices, herbal teas), rest well, and I swear by the power of garlic, ginger, lime, and raw honey. Read into Ayurvedic and Islamic medicine!

Sore Throat: I drink warm apple cider vinegar. I swallow 3 tablespoons throughout my day of raw honey. I make herbal teas with lime throughout my day.

Chronic Coughs: I’ve had a phase where I coughed for almost a year straight. I would even cough till I can’t breath, it was terrifying. The solutions: I actually had to heal my sinus, I had a mucus accumulation in my chest. This means no air conditioner on for me. And I had to wear a tank top underneath my shirts/tops, no joking this really helped. I drank herbal teas throughout my day, especially Licorice tea. And finally, Vick’s Vapor Rub on your feet! Yep!

Fever: first, I stopped panicking it’s a myth that once you get a fever you’re in deep danger and “must take medicine”! Fever’s are actually a good sign because viruses/infections do not grow in high temperatures so it’s your immune systems way of working and fighting it off! Even in babies, it shouldn’t be a frightening alarm. Focus on curing the symptoms, not the fever. But to lower my temperature, I soak wash cloths in ACV and put them on my forehead for a while. I put egg whites on my forehead as well. And lastly, rub your feet with some olive oil, put some freshly sliced onions, wear a bag then your pair of socks! I’m serious, it works. Fever will go down. But like said, be sure you’re implementing natural remedies for each symptom separately that would be the cause to the fever.

Skin Issues:-

A Breakout: Personally, I never got any breakouts, always had clear skin even through all my teen years, didn’t even know skin problems existed or that I had to wash my face with anything particular. Up until last year, and it lasted a almost year actually with occasional breakouts. It was mostly a hormonal imbalance and being depressed and stressed. Also, it was due moisturizers I was using not knowing how many chemicals were packed in them (some were prescribed, others OTC), there I was thinking I was taking care of my skin! The solutions for me started with removing dairy from my diet, balancing my hormones, and eliminating the use chemical products went a long way. When it comes to diet other than eliminating dairy, I never eat fried or junk foods. I also had to taper my sweet tooth to natural sugars only. I don’t put on any makeup, at best some natural tinted moisturizer when I didn’t rest well around my eyes.. makeups a big pore blocker! My daily makeup you ask? It’s a mineral high-SPF sunblock, it’s a daily must to apply. As for the days I did have an occasional pimple, I’d dab on it some raw honey mixed with cinnamon. I swear by raw honey for so many things, I only wash my face with it, use it as a mask, and tone with apple cider vinegar. I’ve been living with the motto: what I wouldn’t put in my mouth and eat I shouldn’t put it on my skin. Your skin is your biggest organ, always absorbing.. imagine just how many chemicals and toxins in the products almost everyone uses! Whatever you do with skin issues- do NOT pick on the affected areas you’ll only make things worse be it wound your skin deeply or spread more bacteria. Just go on living your life like nothings there! Before anything, DON’T PICK ON YOUR SKIN!

Dark spots: Put lime or lemon on your skin. Be careful putting it on irritated skin. I also LOVE Rosehip Oil, my favorite being the product from Pai Skincare- expensive but oh so worth it! Aloe vera and raw honey yet again help lighten darken spots. Also, stay out of the sun. I’m addicted to the sun and tanning but as I get older in age I realize how vital it is to limit my exposure. Some sun daily is good and not at it’s peak hours for mental and emotional health, as well as, your skin but too much like overdoing anything can only harm.

Skin irritations (I’d get them from hair removal methods sometimes till I lately I’ve decided to do laser hair removal): Put 2-3 drops of Lavender essential oil and 2-3 drops of Rosemary essential oil in a cup of with hazel and apply with cotton to the areas. Should calm it down in a few hours 😉

Cold sores: I recall my grandma always getting them, tiny blisters on her lips- the second she’d feel the tingling she’d apply raw onions on the area and she’d repeat throughout the day. Raw garlic also works but be careful to not burn your skin. It’s also a sign your immunity is compromised, so eat well and watch your arginine levels from foods like brown rice- cut them down and up your intake of L-Lysine.

Burns: Don’t put ice, certainly not immediately. Run it with cool water. Toothpaste for pain relief and then to heal: RAW HONEY!!! Just smoother the burn with raw honey. Also, one medical cream available that I would recommend called “MEBO”. Keep it covered. Once the burn has totally dried out you can put Vitamin E on it and Aloe Vera gel. It’s essential to keep it clean and covered. But above all, let it dry out too once it’s healed. Don’t crack the blisters open or anything! It’s protecting the raw skin.

Hair Problems:-

Thinning hair: DON’T dye your hair! It really is the worst thing ever- you’re guaranteed thinner hair and split ends especially if you’ve already got fine straight hair. Second in line is: heat! Don’t apply heat to your hair or at least give it a break for a few months! Trim the end regular. Stop washing your hair a lot, certainly not daily. Emphasize conditioning. Shift to natural shampoos or the no ‘poo method works for those with thicker hairs. And my favorite of all twice a week hair masks. I have a few favorites: one is mayonnaise. Yes yes mayo. Secondly, honey mixed with conditioner and cinnamon. And finally a mix of these oils I pick 3-4 for one mask: organic Coconut oil, organic Olive oil, organic Sesame oil, organic Almond oil, organic Argan oil, and organic Black Ccastor oil.

Dry and Damaged hair: Again, don’t apply heat on your hair and don’t dye it. Limit the chemical products. Condition your hair!!! Prioritize conditioning and wash your hair less. Use natural oils mentioned above after shower in your damp hair just rub very little for moisture. And do warm hair oil masks once to twice a week.

Sports Injuries:- 

Torn/strained/sprained ligament or muscle: Good old RICE! Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. Most vital thing is rest above all. And then once healed, leaning into training gradually, wisely, and with half efforts. Of course, listen to your body at all times.

Bruises/swelling: ice and Arnica oil or gel.

Spinal injuries: I did have a herniated disk from a riding injury a few years back, it was in my lumbar spine and affected my legs was as painful as can get. The cure that saved my life? An Islamic practice that the Prophet used to do called “Hijammah”. Essentially it’s similar to cupping, your skin is scratched with a razor in the ares to be treated and the a cup is placed to suck the bad blood out. Honestly, I didn’t believe it would work- but it’s saved my life. No under statement here! Before that the only things I’d follow was rest, not wearing heels, sleeping sideways with a pillow between my knees, gentle massages with oils and herbs, learning to bend without compromising my back, and strengthening the antagonist muscles: your core/abdominal muscles.

Muscle/body aches: As someone who’s always putting strain on her body with exercise, an active lifestyle, and horse riding I know taking care of it is vital to continue to perform. This includes: resting, stretching, self-massages, daily foam-rolling, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massages, using carrier and essential oils mixed, acupuncture, going to chiropractic, reflexology and I go occasionally to Chinese, Japanese, and Indian centers for treatments. Heat is good pre-workout, especially with training that requires flexibility and then cold/ice is good to apply post-workout.

Also, when it comes to muscle, joints, and ligament pain, four words: wood lock medicated balm.

Digestive Issues:-

Constipation: Drink enough water. Boil a few prunes in water and drink the liquid as well as eat the prunes at night, you should be able to release by the morning! But above all, make sure you’re eating enough fibrous greens and vegetables. A green smoothie for me goes a long way! And I tell you, your poop can say a lot about your health. Another addiction of mine that works: Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Start off with a spoon a day and go up to four tablespoons. It has numerous health benefits, I cook with it, moisturize all my skin with it, I eat it, drink it in my smoothies… but be very careful with picking out real organic virgin oils many brands say they are so but aren’t! And lastly, again warm water with as squeezed fresh lemon helps.

Bloating: To me, bloating is a sign you’re not in tune with your body. You’re either eating foods you’re sensitive to or overeating. At the same time, being mainly a plant eater let me tell you that greens and fiber from vegetables bloat but it goes away in the loo next morning, if not throughout the day! Make sure you eat only when you are hungry and allow at least 3 hours between meals for your body to digest. Eat fruits only on an empty stomach and without another food group, don’t eat it after meals it instantly bloats! Pay attention to how your body feels after eating wheat/four products and dairy in particular. Don’t drink cold drinks while eating. Try drinking ginger and lemon in warm water before meals. Use digestive stimulating spices like pepper, ginger, and turmeric. Go for a brisk walk. Practice breathing techniques. Reduce salt (I only use Himalayan or sea salt and very little here and there, I prefer spices for flavor). And finally, chew some fennel seeds.

Emotional eating: Find other outlets to confront, deal with, and release how you truly feel. And learn and place emphasis on eating intuitively- once you reach healthy you won’t know how to live any other way!

Overate: Hydrate, go for a walk, and start again the next meal! Preferably with a green nutrition-loaded smoothie 😉 Each meal is a chance to turn it around. What I must say prior to, watch what you eat! If you’re overeating then you’re probably not meeting the nutrients your body needs. For example, I remember clearly how I can eat white refined carbs like rice, pasta, and bread or even desserts when I used to eat them (quit sugar ;)) and never get satisfied or full, it’s cause they’re empty calories! So ensure you’re eating nutrient dense foods: vegetables, fruits, lean proteins (they exist in plants too not just animal sources), some grains (if you’re not gluten intolerant, if not gluten-free is available and honestly white rice is great), and very important: healthy fats like avocados, raw nuts, wild caught salmon, and flaxseed oil.

Stomach ache: I sip on warm water with lemon and ginger every morning. Ginger helps and so does peppermint tea or fresh mint tea.

Other Common Health Issues:-

Headaches/Migraines: Firstly, prevention is best. You must keep a diary and keep track of when you get your migraines and notice if it’s after a meal, the time of day, etc. Avoid foods that trigger head pain: for me that’s dairy, processed sugar, and processed meats. Again, be wary of the common allergens: nuts, gluten/wheat, dairy, soy, corn, eggs, and shellfish. Sleep well. Meditate. Stay hydrated. Lavender essential oil inhaled works great. Use an ACV compress. Exercise. Do breath work. Eat something spicy, wasabi is great for both head pain and sinus blockages! And finally, lie down in the dark and listen to calming music.

Hormonal imbalances: As a woman, we all experience these. The solution is a longterm lifestyle with consistent effort applied to improving your diet (emphasize cruciferous vegetables, dark leafy greens, and healthy fats), focus on healing your gut and digestive health, manage stress (meditate, do yoga, exercise), ensure a good rest and sleep enough, and make sure you are physically active. Do all this and CONSISTENTLY is the key.

Insomnia: Cut out caffeine and alcohol if you drink any. Make a schedule to follow in your sleep patterns, even on weekends. Avoid any stressful thoughts/situations or social media, TV, etc before bed. You need to unwind and shut off, not have any mental stimulation. Have a bedtime ritual; some yin yoga sequel, a warm hot bath with the right essential oils, meditation, etc. Ensure comfort and silence. Dim the lights an hour or two before bed time. Have the right bedtime snack: a serving of healthy fats and a serving of carbohydrates, something as simple as a handful of berries with a handful of raw nuts or some cottage cheese. No protein as it interferes with sleep. Make sure it’s a small snack not a huge meal! You don’t want to waste your energy digesting instead of resting. Wake up early and EXERCISE. Eat dates in your day!!! Dates help you rest a well as have numerous other benefits. Drink chamomile tea. Herbs to help include: Valerian root extract, Taurine, L-tryptophan, and Melatonin- but don’t use them daily or rely on them. Have sex (just make sure it’s with the right partner that loves you and would respect every part of you inside out or else sex backfires for women lol) or masturbate, no one better than yourself to know your pleasure points! No kidding.

I want to mention two things that are vital for many things when it comes to your wellbeing and go a long way: taking a daily probiotic (especially if you can’t eat fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha drinks,..) and castor oil rubs!

One thing to note: if it’s your first time getting sick and you don’t take medicine don’t expect a miracle! You’ll probably be sick for longer till your immune system fights off a few viruses on it’s own and detoxes.. soon before you know it, you’ll never get sick to begin with for as long as you lead a healthy lifestyle taking care of your gut and nervous systems, which means a strengthened immunity.

Hope my readers found this helpful and do give me feedback when you put any remedies to use! 🙂

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