Turn Someone’s Life Around!

Each and every one of you is capable of turning around and changing another person’s life- don’t take that for granted! Use the gift within you. And realize I said change “their life” and not necessarily the person, people you can only love them.

Help one another whenever you can.

Love oneself and see the good in every person. There is no room for jealousy, hate, and greed. These damaging emotions will consume your heart and soul, and thus your life. Leave no room for them within, you have no time; the reality is your life is ending a day at a time.

Appreciate all; be it nature’s splendor, the people around you and the smallest of blessings’. Every morning you wake up to, each breath you take, down to every single petal and each sunbeam.

Have integrity. Be honest and straight, it’s the only noble way to treat each other.

Be humble.

Feel nothing but compassion towards other beings.

Cultivate true empathy, once you really know how to put yourself into someone else’s shoes like they say you will never judge- certainly not harshly.


Learn to forgive.

Open your minds and hearts.

Wish and do no wrong to no one.

Speak well of others. Speak only what is kind, honest, and necessary.

Listen to understand, not to reply.

Seek to be kind instead of right.

Eliminate those that bring out the worst in you from your life so you are freed to be your true and so best Self.

Choose to be good intentioned, accordingly act decently and perform good deeds.

If you must inflict anything upon anyone let it be smiles and good energy.

Embrace your heart and true Soul.

Live your dreams. Get out and make them a reality,

Always lend a hand.

Give and give and give without the thought of taking.

Know that the giving of oneself is the greatest of all, no materials or external things can compensate for the giving of yourself.

Lead by example.

Choose understanding.

Choose acceptance.

Choose love.

Choose thankfulness.

Choose happiness.

The only path to true happiness is to genuinely love and live with gratitude. For without love and contentment, your life will fleet before your own eyes in a glimmer.

Today, right now, stop and take a moment to be grateful. Be thankful for being granted another bright new day. Use today wisely. Make good choices towards a better you. Navigate from your heart and soul. Laugh, even at yourself. And always keep a smile 🙂 Namaste!

PS. A continuation to this post’s title: Turn Someone’s Life Around, Starting With Yourself. If you can’t be responsible, love and honor yourself and your needs, put your Self-fulfillment and happiness first, and change your Self and own life then you can’t inspire others to do so.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of kids I missed even when I was among them. Although I didn’t take pictures but for 2 days out of the many I was there for (due to being busy teaching and being a ‘mother’ to 5 babies at once some days) sharing only because their innocence and smiles are infectious 🙂 some of my favorite orphans! And know for fact, you can love any child as equally as your own. Don’t tell me I wouldn’t know because I haven’t had one of my own. Unconditional love and nurturing a child leaves you attached whether they grew in you or not!


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