My Solutions For Life’s Emotional Challenges

I was inspired to write this post due to many random people telling me, “You can’t sit still! Your mind never quiets, and you’re always out doing insane things… how is it you survive? If we were you we’d have to do drugs to calm down or rest!” I could only laugh. Some people took it as an insult for someone to say this to me, but honestly I take it as the best compliment!

Every time I get told, “you’re crazy” I’m affirmed that I’m on the right path. For to me, that defines as truly alive and living. I live with my heart on fire, a flame that can never dim and is constantly burning. I’m a confident soul with an open mind, faithful spirit, and enduring heart. You’ll find me almost always smiling for no reason. I laugh, sing, and dance anywhere at anytime and in my own company. I live by unconditional love and gratitude. Passion is my drive. And I’m my only competition, with my standards set too high. I take risks with mad courage. I have an insane love for animals, I communicate with them on all levels thus I prefer their company to others that aren’t like-minded, negative, dishonest or empty within. I’m too sensitive to others energies, I meet you all as naked spirits. People like me weren’t made to fit under your categorisation of “normal”. We can’t be brought down, belittled, or defeated. We can’t fit into your society or follow your traditions or norms. We’re made to soar high, and high we soar. Every second of every day we’re thriving, even if it means in solitude. We’re hardly ever lonely. We certainly don’t need numbers to feel security, strength or to shine. We don’t need your approval or applause. We have all we need within us. An entire world within. And I tell you, it’s one hell of a beautiful universe. My free spirit and brave adventurous heart and two things I fully embrace. I love the fact I’m always taking risks with myself, nature, and it’s wild animals.

This post covers mainly emotional challenges caused by circumstances we are all given and endure at some points of our lives, and I briefly mention what do to feel better. In a second post I shall talk about remedies for physical/health problems.

Know for fact that you can find all the answers and cures within you, if only you center yourself to your breathing and reflect inside. Here are some problems I think we all face, and my personal solutions.


Racing mind: I invert and stay in inversions for however long I can (headstands, tripod, forearm stands..).  I will write a post soon about inversions cause they’ve been my addiction for a while whenever I’m bored, not feeling good, etc I just stay inverted for over a minute or more and I’m revived after. My family’s always complaining why I spent my time at home “upside down” that “I’m super weird” lol. And no;- I’m not a dedicated yogi fanatic nor did I practice them daily or regularly.  Another option for my racing mind: I go sprint till my heart feels like it’ll explode in my head. When it comes to inversions: I’ll write my own piece soon for tips. I’m still learning to master my handstands and hold them longer.


Heartbreak: BACKBENDS! I do extreme backbends, and open up my heart. Just start little even with a Bridge pose, then Camel Pose, to Wheel pose. Doesn’t have to be contortion training like I do 😉

Negative emotions or in particular anger: Sit still and BREATHE. You need to reconnect with yourself when emotions consume you. I think hard about why I should not react and I envision outcomes and choose the best. Then above all, I use that energy. I dance it out however it may come, just the way I feel. You must look into these “bad” emotions and really know the root causes, heal them, be aware and conscious, and practice control. Two articles of mine go into this in depth: 1 and 2.

Unforgiving towards those that have wronged me: I choose self-compassion and I see things in a different light not through my emotional hurt but as an outside observer. You’ll find that people whom spread pain, misery, hurt, and hate do so cause that’s their relationship with themselves and the truth to their reality. Honestly, the hardest part of forgiveness is forgiving oneself… in this case I turn to God and recall I am small in compassion, and only human and thus faulty and weak to do mistakes and cause even myself pain.

Frustrated or Raged: I go to my squat rack. I load up my barbell and I squat to the ground and deadlift like there’s no tomorrow.

Not feeling empowered: I turn to my pull-up bar and do some chin-ups.

Past haunting: I write it out, self-reflect (take the lessons), let go and move on the better.

When I recall the losses I’ve endured: I let myself grieve! Cry, pine, moan, groan, punch a bag.. whatever you feel like doing. Just let yourself feel what you need to, it’s detoxing! And always remember, it’ll all pass.

Lost, confused, uncertain..: I meditate and pray. I choose to see light in the darkness and hang to faith. Despair is your biggest enemy! Or I get out in nature and contemplate till I envision my purpose clearly and stay centered.

When I lose touch of today and what truly matters and get up in useless nonsense of others and life: I just shut off, sit still, and do breath work. Your presence in the now and sense of being is dependent on your breathing, that so many of us take for granted. Breathe all you want in this life in and what you do not out. Know that all you need exists within you. Believe so, and see and feel that energy of power and renewal within you!

Impatient: I sing my lungs out forgetting about time. Or I just get moving, keep myself busy! Also, read this.

Drained: Depends on the cause and degree. Some solutions maybe: rest- or the polar opposite, exercise (inactivity breeds lethargy), or get a hug or two from my best friends, dog, or horse. Basically anyone or anything you’re connected to within and is positive in energy.

Feeling uncomfortable in your own home and/or room: DECLUTTER! Don’t underestimate it’s power. You don’t have to be a Feng Shui practitioner to do it either… just know that things that surround you serve as reminders to who you are. If you don’t want certain episodes from the past, don’t leave the memories hanging! If you’re ready for a bigger you, get rid of the things that belong to the person you’ve outgrown. Get rid of what doesn’t give you good energy. Get rid of what reminds you of less joyful days. Get rid of what makes you indifferent. Even if it’s something you really love, give it to someone else that could benefit more. Accumulating things can be emotionally draining without you even realizing it. See, when you let go of the physical items you also let go of your attachment to certain emotions. Time to let go of the emotional baggage lying around. Change your space to reflect your state today, not yesterday! You’ll feel lighter and free. We’re evolving beings and our surroundings must change with us. Remember, letting go of trash gives more room for the treasures to find you 😉

Too comfy: I always advise people to get out of their comfort zones, go into the unknown, and try new things even if it means taking risks. Whenever I get consumed in comfort I begin to worry lol. A great way for me to explore new things within and outside of me other than traveling is to do handstands. Yep, I play around. It’s a whole other world when you shift your center of gravity upside down! And they’re also something I want to master to execute with full ease and grace.

Worried, insecure, or so on: I affirm and repeat mantras. There is power in repetition when it comes to what your brain believes!

Restless: I get up and do something, or read. No one should pressure themselves to sleep. Be busy living till you get so tired you earn your rest!

Ungrateful: I slap myself to reality and list all that I am grateful for. We all have so much.

Lonely: I remind myself, no one is ever really alone. I reach out to my best friends and family. I go out and seek to find myself reflected in strangers and all others. And I know for fact that even if I’m alone, loneliness is a choice and I won’t be alone forever.

Just plain down/depressed: I pray in humility and tears. And/or I roll out my yoga mat and start my journey.

Jealous/Envious: Okay honestly, these are two I don’t think I’ve ever felt. Maybe sometimes I wondered how it would be to have an easier life and be lucky but otherwise never was jealous or envious of anyone or anything. But I have dealt with women that were obsessed with me as well as a few countable males. My belief is: jealousy and envy means you’re required to change something about your self and/or life. Use it as your motivator to self-improvement and as impetus to change and take action.. don’t just feel it and let it consume you till you obsess about another till you’re spiteful and sick! And lastly, work on your self-esteem! When you’re confident and love yourself you see no point to comparing yourself with anyone other than who you were yesterday.

Living but not awake, feeling alive, or losing touch with myself: I travel alone.

Stuck- be it in shame, despair, loneliness, rage, fear, your past, old relationships, doubts, jealousy…: practice HIP-OPENERS. If you’re feeling broken, lost, suffocated.. then you’re probably just stuck. Chances are if you’re stuck mentally you’re stuck physically. As in what you bottle up in your mind and heart will be portrayed in your body. We tend to repress and store these emotions in the hips. Hip openers practiced regularly will help you stop feeding past stories. One of my favourites is the Pigeon pose.

Finally, there’s one big message I have to say about all the above really. A big reason and factor to why so many are always ill is because they deny, avoid, bottle up emotions, and accumulate stress. Stress is the cause of all diseases. For someone like me, I can easily tell false emotional expressions in others. I see so many fake smiles and laughters. They bottle up their secrets and keeping it all to themselves without feeling their emotions.. simply occupied by playing pretend and acting like they have it all together for public display. Posing for pictures to show the world some false smiles as proof they’re “happy”.. it’s as if they’re trying to convince themselves a life that’s all make believe. Yes playing pretend can help, but if you haven’t faced your truth, reality, addressed the root of your issues within you’ll never be sane or healthy to yourself and others. You have to allow yourself to feel what you really feel inside. And here’s the truth: the more you hide, the sicker you’ll get. Sick people love to hide. You begin to believe your own lies, you don’t see past your perception, you give up on living responsibly, your heart’s and soul’s are burdened by guilt and blame and they shut. You will never heal if you don’t let yourself feel. You will never heal and be better if you don’t face your emotions and pains. You will never heal if you don’t find the courage to get rid of what and whom no longer serves you and instead live in denial. Face your truth, integrity starts with oneself. Stop acting invincible. Talk to someone. Get it out constructively. Put all your energy in healing and revealing your true self- even if it’s angry or miserable or broken- it’s much better than wasting your energy wearing a mask! You can’t run away from yourself forever!

See.. life is easy, there’s nothing you’re handed that you can’t go through. It all boils down to one’s attitude and intent. Believe, take care of you, and you’ll make it. Be good to yourself and life will be good to you 😉

And above all, HAVE FUN! I put humor into anything and everything, especially during the hard times I make sure to laugh and have fun. Play like a child. Discover new worlds within yourself! Remember, the downs only prepare you for the ups.. this is life’s way of balancing!

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