Healing Heartbreak

So what do you do when the last thing you want to do is get up for another day or see the sun shining when your heart feels like it’s cracked open and bleeding, and you’re all alone? What do you do when you’ve hit beyond rock bottom and your eyes have run dry from the amount of tears as you lay in the darkness and can’t see no light?

Well what I did was (after confronting the truths and feeling the grief I needed) I laid it down on the ground and used all of it as my stepping stone to remain determined to live life in the best of my ability. I did not want to tell a painful story with regrets, but a beautiful one filled with growth and empowerment. I was not going to let anyone tell me otherwise or stop me either, I pushed away those that got in the way of what is best for me no matter how long it took or if my heart irrationally desired them at points. I reserved my ENERGY.

Yes, I had a few years were I was emotionally abused day and in out. I lived as a doormat of others being too kind and having dealt with major obsessed psychopaths in my life.  Most people will put you where they want you to be, not where you should be. Sometimes you need to stop focusing on your relationship and instead focus on yourself and wellbeing. Because when we try to so hard to make something into what it is not, we neglect our truths and selves.

Put yourself first, your life second, and your relationship third. You might just find out you do not need the relationship at all!

No matter what has been done to you and even if you have been wronged and have the right to be angry, spiteful, and vengeful: “When you point a finger at another person, remember that there are three fingers pointing back toward yourself.”

Refuse to be the victim of others doings and so your life, those that play the passive victim identity are losers of Self and life. Be your own hero and heroine.

At the end of every day, it does not matter what has been “done to you” by others- no matter how bad- what matters is what YOU DO about it. Only YOU have the power to move away from whom and what do not serve you, heal yourself, and move on to better.

What do you do when you are left in grief, used up, broken, agonized, broke and alone, or whatever else.. Or even all these states at once?
The one question that matters: whom does it TURN YOU INTO?

If I had lived my life hearing and taking to heart what others said and say, counting the wrong done to me, clinging to my pains and losses, questioning why life is unfair and never handed easily to me comparing to that of others, and holding grudges like everyone else I would have gone nowhere, I would probably not be alive- maybe tried to commit suicide like the stories I have witnessed of others as means to have someone else save them other than themselves! Or be like the many living spiritually dead harming others to feel better about or escape themselves and their miserable lives.

Put your heart, your self and your life in your OWN hands.

This world is full of ugly souls and poisoned hearts; do not let what they say and do turn you like them, no matter how bad it hurts! Fight evil with good! Start with good towards your own self.

When you hit rock bottom do not just sit on it in despair, use it as a strong foundation to rebuild your life.

The only person with the power to heal you is yourself. True healing starts within.

You matter most. Your health, your happiness, and your needs matter the most. The only way to learn to love and honor yourself, is by continually saying “No” to whom and what does not serve you. No matter what you think you heart is telling you or how hard it seems and is. In the world of today, you are most probably going to walk that road alone. It is rare to find those that do not want to feed off of you for their own sake. Some may even build their happiness on your pain and ruins. Keep your energy reserved. Know your value and navigate from it. Keep your hearts and souls preserved to only those that are worthy of you. Walk alone, all you really need is yourself. If you have got yourself by your side, you have got the universe at your feet.

I never forgave others as a claim that their wrongdoing is okay, but I forgave for myself and my own peace to be able to live. I also literally put myself in everyone’s shoes, it is an innate quality on automatic now, we are all human; this life can turn anyone evil if you let it!

Be compassionate. Be responsible. Be strong and forgive. Let it all go and propel yourself forward without those that were keeping you behind. Have faith in the light within you and know that no evil deed goes unpunished from God. Leave it up to the Greatest.

I have chosen the high road. I  have been propelling myself forward no matter who tries to pull me back. First, you must face the right direction; you cannot move on and forward if your head is turned backwards! Detach from negativity for good. Let negative thinking, habits, relationships, conversations, and stories die NOW. Refuse to carry them into your future- only then will new doors open all on their own.

Nothing inflicted on you in this life should be your excuse to be bleak and idle. Control of your life; accept the consequences of your actions, stop making excuses, stop complaining, stop not doing anything, and accept that it really is up to YOU to change things if you want them to better. No one else, just you.

The world will not wait for you to get on the ride of life! Even during misfortunes it’s still full of wonders, blessings, and miracles- if only you choose to see.

But most importantly what this piece is all about: your heart. Know that the heart, just like every other organ within your body knows how to heal itself and so you. The secret is controlling ones mind- in some instances, more like silencing it. Trust in yourself and the light within. Not only do memories fade, but you make better brighter greater new ones 🙂 you just got to unanchor yourself from what is in the past and thrive with your head up high gazing ahead and never behind! Every storm, prepares you for a greater sunrise! Just do not let anyone sidetrack you from your truth and purpose, even if they call that “love”!

There is so much power in intention and choice. In belief that you can heal. In knowing with all your heart that you will make it through. In being determined to not allow any harmful feeling in your heart. If you can transform your inner world, you can transform your outer life.

Let me assure you to truly win it is to live your life and happily, focused on your own self, and holding your head up high. There really is no greater revenge!

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