Twin Flames


A sudden instant clash of lightening

Souls stripped naked / hearts cut open / love surmounted / as of the second their eyes crossed / worlds within united / as if they have always been

Words were unnecessary / tongues tied, chaining the hearts together / one at soul- although never knowing they were missing a half / brought to their knees / drenched in adoration

The word was love / his eyes were her map / her twin / his mirror

Her body flooded with emotions / for once they didn’t start with thoughts / this resolute soul bond / a mad fiery passion / a steadfast understanding and acceptance of another / a oneness that cannot be articulated

In her ear drums, his pounding heartbeats resonated / their smiles became one another’s drug / to which each had the supply for the other

Her smell was his fuel / her sleek laugh his joy / her eyes his guide / his “twin flame” the books would say

Still unable to grasp this is for real / he knew she was his living dream / to have her would equal having the world

He was a living machine / dead at heart, mind, and soul / and one can’t find joy and health in life without love / and love can’t be forced / till she appeared into his life / and gave it life / he had a reason to wake up in the morning, / it was she and only she / a God-sent miracle she must be

She felt crippled for a lifetime before him / after all, true suffering is the inability to love / she never belonged / always said her world and home is within her / but in him they both reflected outwards

He gave her life meaning / for what is life to a prior nonbeliever of love? /  her invincible walls collapsed down / for once she wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable

The world transformed in their eyes / suddenly his days had intention and significance / he navigated them from his heart / at his best temper at all times / and could finally genuinely smile and often / he could run faster / express louder / laugh harder / and then be still in comfortable silence, oh how magnificently beautiful it was

She inspired him to be his best self / and assumed her job was done now / let’s force a goodbye, / for this it too intense for her freshly opened heart / thinking time would make the love and passion fade / and so it’ll be easier to break / only to find she was very wrong

She still ran, far away, anywhere opposite his path / but he followed / day and night, every day, if not every hour / you see you can’t run from a fire within / you can’t run from your reflection / even if it’s in the form of another

His words hypnotized her / “to be open to receiving him,” he asked / “to let what’s meant to be, be” / that she can’t go on resisting “a love that’s real”

In giving love a chance, one gives life a chance she learnt / for without love, lies no life / or at least, no breath to make it alive

He was her sanctuary, as she was his / she was his oxygen, as he became hers / the perfect companions / they turned any simple moment and activity together into magical

It’s a bond beyond one’s control / beyond anything rational / you fight it / it persists

Tears and agony prayers / fear took over / she refused to lose herself in love or another / she was always miss strong and independent / but the heart knew where it belonged / for now at least / her Spirit knew he’d be her teacher

Emotionally worn out, she surrendered / killed her pride, for he’d told her “Love and pride cannot coexist” / smashed her fears / silenced her mind / embraced that fire within her heart / and jumped into a path she knew would have no return

Months became years / and everyone was wrong; / passion not only doesn’t die- it gets wilder / the flame rises / the friendship as undying and unconditional as can be / the intimacy is abundant and magical on all levels beyond this realm / the trust gets stronger / the hugs get deeper / the cuddles indivisible / the kissing permanent and as sensual as when their lips first met / the love making selfless and a pure ecstasy physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually / “Heaven on earth” they thought, this must be it

The love continues to grow, infinitely / they know it will till their last breath / no matter the distance / no matter who their with / and no matter the time

Unlike him she never loved to possess / she loved to free / it was time she became her own savior / time they let go of one another’s arms as impossible as that seemed / for  they could spend every second of their lives with their arms and lips locked

It was time she became her own oxygen / time she broke free / for her wild spirit could never be owned / and her big heart could never be broken

He may have been right, but wrongly timed / no point in wishing they’d met earlier so they’d be physically inseparable like he did every day / for she wouldn’t have been ready then / and time he executes the lessons she’s taught him to his life / become the best person she’s revealed in him

They have known each other in a past life, this world brought them together till it took them apart / but they shall always remain one / their hearts know and knew all along they’d meet again even in a life after

For now she knew she was made for a life much greater / time for her precious budded wings to fly so high / even their inhuman powerful connection could not keep her in one place

So she spread her wings / in pursuit of her dreams / he could not tie them down anymore to escape the misery he lives in without her / he spent his every hours of his days with her in mind / even when he’d rest she’d visit / after all, he carries her in his heart / after all, she’s the biggest chunk of his soul / wherever he goes / whatever he does / and whomever he’s with

Months passed apart / the world brought them together again for the while she could stay put / she’d gained herself and realized all the love she needs is within her / there are however facts that’ll always remain: / distance and time may fade emotions from surfacing in the meanwhile you’re away / but what is real will never actually fade / no matter how hard you try, deny it, or who thinks they can intervene and change it / it can only grow.. and that is proven every time they stumble on the same path and meet again / they could never be any less than the intimate mind’s, heart’s, soul’s, and body’s as they always were

And so they tell the story / mainly to each other and the rare other few in this world that have experienced it to grasp such greatness… / they tell a story of a love that cannot be expressed in words, no matter how great the writer / a love that is obvious in one’s eyes and gestures / a love that can only be understood and needs no one’s support but the two involved yet never doubted by anyone / a love that cannot be stopped

A love that is as infinite and deep as the oceans, if not deeper / a love that you feel not just in your heart and soul, but in your bones / a love that makes you quiver in gratitude / a love you see even when you’re blind, it shakes your core inside

A love that was made to be felt and not rationalized / a love that can never be minimized / a love that can never turn into hate, no matter the hurt / it shivers down your spine / it drowns you in another / anchors you to each other’s core / for it roots so deep within and can only grow / it nurtures your heart / sets your wings free / shows your soul the truth / and prepares you for life

It’s a love that so many have never experienced / one that is anything but mortal like those offering it to one another / a fire that never tames even after this life has ended

It was time for one final goodbye / that was her destiny for now, / to love and say goodbye / it was only however a parting from her physical presence although not her spiritual / for this time it’s not people that will push them away / it’s she, she has to go

And so he said “I will survive knowing you’re happy even if I’m not. You will go on to love again for you are free- unlike me, but even when you stop loving me I shall forever continue to. I’ll love you. I do know for fact you can never forget me just as I will remember you with every breath I take.. all you have to do is look in the mirror, and you shall see my reflection.. as I shall always see yours.”

He was her first everything / her truest home / she was his once in a lifetime /  his spine, his abode, his refuge, his one true love  / being taken from one another was beyond a crime it felt / he no longer rushed his night eager to live his next day by her side with enthusiasm / he kept buried in work and would sleep to escape reality  / his best days were behind him and they both knew hers were still ahead of her / for she’s still young, wild, and free

But for once their love was about letting go and not keeping the other / her voice, her touch, her smell, her smile, her eyes, her soul, her beauty it will always linger even from so far above / and in his prayers she was everyday, just as he was in hers / she’d taught him so much, to care for and love himself / but above all to be grateful for having had such a love present by his side, even if it wasn’t for his lifetime as he’d wished / not because things didn’t turn out as one envisions then they weren’t a blessing

“We’ll always be inseparable within my dearest, for you are a part of me as you always were.  A home within that can never be replaced or changed. And you shall see when we meet again and again, that even death won’t tear us apart. For we are forever bound and intertwined at heart and soul, even if our minds and lives maybe occupied by others as we live separately.” She uttered to him with a warm heartfelt smile in peace.

Nothing more beautiful in life than a peaceful goodbye even if one wanted a lifetime / nothing grandeur than a love and bond this mutual / and no greater lesson in life and love than letting go

It was never about forcing things or ending up together anyways / for they shall eternally hover as twin flames.


One lesson I have learned for fact: better to wait for a soulmate or even spend your life alone then spend it stuck with the wrong person, whom ends up being a cellmate! And if you weren’t lucky enough in this life to meet that person because it is rare with everyone rushing to marriage and having kids in this world, you will never believe. It’s something you need to experience to believe, because words cannot exemplify.

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