Every Day Is A Gift..

It’s vital you don’t take your days for granted, especially when they add up so quick! Anytime of day it could be your last breath.

I live my every day reminding myself the following: when I face death, I want to surrender knowing I have lived my best life; to my full potential mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I want to say that I’ve loved with my all and even till my last day had no room for hate even with my big heart!

I will rest assured knowing that I helped others rise instead of crumble, that I gave them kindness even when they were unkind, and that I stayed true to myself and purpose.

I will feel successful in knowing that as challenging as it was, I was never a slave to my Ego, societies conventions, my family’s norms, a title, my gender, a label, a job for pay or whatever else. Yes, I put myself first, but in respecting, honoring, taking care of, and loving myself I could only aid others do the same- or at least inspire them.

One must be aware of the time passing. And through this awareness- ask your authentic self; what are your dreams? What makes you happy? What makes you healthy? And get out, make them happen and live your purpose! You don’t get to redo living. You must be sure you put it into your own self-improvement and truly leading the life you wish.. one that can make changes to follow even when you’ve parted this world.

Be with those you love, share mutual feelings, and care for your wellbeing and happiness for life is too short to spend it with wrong people.

Treat yourself with love, how you wish to be treated by others. If you’re good to yourself, life will be good to you.

Do what you love. Stop existing and stop living merely out of habit. Start being and doing what and whom makes you alive, and live out of intent! You need to figure out what you are looking for in this life; what’ll fulfill you within.. and believe in it no matter who tells you not to or how rare what you wish to attain is in this world or the “norms”. Be your greatest supporter and own motivator. Know that it takes a lot of drive, hard work, and patience.. but it’ll be worth the effort and wait.

Think, speak, and act in love.

Your journey to your best self and brightest days require you learn to detach from negativity for good, this is self-love in action. Let negative thinking, habits, relationships, conversations, and stories die NOW. Refuse to carry them into your future- only then will new doors open all on their own.  The secret to life, a happy free one? Letting go.

If you can’t see or understand the beauty of life, well it’s because you can’t see or understand the beauty within you.

Enjoy every day and yourself! Don’t forget that you can mature and be wise, without “growing up”- this is the key to enjoying your life.

Finally, always be grateful for the nights that turned into mornings!

You’ll come to find that life is full of magnificent gifts and blessings only when you see from your heart and not your eyes.

Today, right now, stop and take a moment to be grateful. Be thankful for being granted another bright new day. Use today wisely. Make good choices towards a better you. Navigate from your heart and soul. Laugh, even at yourself. And always keep a smile 🙂 Namaste!

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