Being Alone Isn’t The Reason You’re Lonely

Solo trips; I have always had a love for them! Whether they happened by accident or purpose, or whether I travel with a brother or friend just to get my parent’s approval and then I wander off on my own- my soul cannot ask for more than being alone and in a new unknown territory.

I always advise others to spend time alone. I certainly highly value mine. When you are alone in this world- you not only discover the world outside- more importantly you discover a world within. If you approach discovery and adventure with an open mind and heart, the right intentions, and remain consciously mindful throughout your journey you really learn so much about yourself. Some days and moments the serenity of nature encompassing you is enough in itself! You take that one deep breath and you feel revived, your soul and purpose are lit in calling, you envision your best life much easily portrayed as a reachable screen in front of you….

Growing up I have always had the fear of growing old and dying alone. After my last trip, I am sure I am never alone. The notion of being alone no longer shakes me not a slight bit! I crave it even more actually. For it is not being alone that is “bad” or scary; it is FEELING lonely.

Being the passionate introvert that I am, so many times I feel alone among groups and groups of people. Never have I felt alone traveling by myself. The truth is I only got lonely when I went home and was among familiar old faces, some I love dearly too. Reminds me of the many married men and women I know that feel lonely among their spouses and kids and are not mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present- merely physically- exactly why I will keep on enjoying my time being alone and single till the right person.

Currently, I am traveling again, and all can say is being home in comfort, the known to me, and the routines is a lethal living for me. Particularly being in Egypt (more like it’s people, Egypt itself is a beauty filled with all marvels). I could not be happier that I am finally leaving this country for a good while actually.

For me, distancing myself from others and situations is a must to gain greater perspective and see the bigger picture to my purpose and life mission. My traveling lately is much needed, I had just broken free of toxic relationships that weighed on me for long. I started traveling by mid-March this year and let me tell you I left “home,” sickly underweight, restless, crying for solitude and a peace from others, and I could barely genuinely smile. A month later- I gain 8 kilos, my face is full again for the first time in 3 years, I am glowing, my hair and nails have not grown this long ever, I rest well, and above all I am literally always smiling and laughing. My disease now is laughing seriously, which ain’t too bad no? ๐Ÿ˜‰

You want a solution to your problems? You want to attain happiness? Spend time alone! Reflect. Confront. Release. And then take action, make the change necessary. The majority of people avoid, ignore, and/or deny- choose confrontation. So many people live limiting themselves and they cannot bear seeing anyone live at their best and doing any better. Do not let them limit you too.

I think the older we get the more we need to break routine and travel. Just leave everything behind and get out there! As kids we see wonders and find joy in anything and everything, the simplest of moments and things. As adults we get more and more uptight, and blind to the little things that we should be thankful for.

You are either green and growing, or you’re mellow and rotting. Be green; the older you get, the more you need to be green in mind and spirit. For growth does not end as your age rises, it is the absolute contrary!

Moreover, do not worry if you have lost it all and decided to just take a plane further away. There is a difference between distancing yourself from a life to gain clarity like I am advising versus running away from it. Know that you cannot run from a fire when it is within you. You cannot solve problems and heal issues you do not confront and tackle. When you take a healthy distance and set the right intentions to it you really begin to see the bigger picture to life.

I realized how I got caught up and deeply in a situation that was totally unworthy of me. I recognized to not ever let myself be consumed in emotion or let myself dwell in unnecessary thoughts. Always see the bigger picture! You will grasp that nothing and no one gone wrong or parted is the end- to the contrary, it is the start to a new brighter more beautiful beginning. Above all, a renewed more open you.

Life is still full of beauty even during your dark days. Get out and embrace it! Watch the sun rise and set. You just have to trust, surrender, and let go. Live with your heart and mind open. Be grateful. And love love love.
It is solely after you have lost everything and are left with nothing that you are truly liberated to find out what you were missing. The most vital words of advice that I truly felt rooted deeply in my heart and gave me the most profound permanent smile since as I lay estranged on an island:

The worst poison in your life can be a person- one you would deem you love so dearly even (and vice versa). Get rid of him/her, watch your life and self transform to rising shining greatness! Love is freedom. Love is God. Love is living life at your best and fullest the way you want to… It is too short to be wasted on those that will not support your journey or even lift you higher! Break free.. it is time you soar. Love yourself, it is all the love you need!

My sanctuary has always been solo traveling. But even as a lone traveler the truth is you are never really alone.. you find your abodes in nature and its wonders, and a home in every person you meet along your journey. I tell you, you only see a stranger in others when you are a stranger to parts of yourself within. And you get really good at goodbyes, although they never get easier- merely habitual. A goodbye to one person is a hello to another. Either or, time takes its course. This world brings us together simultaneously as it takes us apart- but you always have the blessing of choice! The roads you take and how and with whom you take them are all up to you ๐Ÿ™‚ Letting go has become my mastery, I just always want to gooooo..

It is also never about the place or trip or company or whatever else… It is all a personal journey and self experience reflected outwards wherever you go. You can have two person’s go through the exact same thing, come across the same roads, pleasures and pains, meet the same people and still one can gain everything while the other goes home just like he arrived. That is life my friends; we need to balance each other out after all! What you seek within be it consciously or not if you are not a mindful individual will find you! Just be sure you are open to receiving ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course not everyone has the luxury to travel be it cause of finances or being able to take a long enough break from work, not I even. I also have to go back home sooner or later, and what I became aware of during my trips is that I was so carefree, positive, light in spirit, and just magnificent energy to everyone because I was surrounded by open simple joyful spirits that got along with me even if they do not approve my beliefs and minded their own lives. Also, because I was surrounded by inspiration, I could not only fully embrace my authentic self, but glow even brighter and dream bigger. In Egypt I am fighting on a daily basis to keep my unusual true self intact and my goals and dreams alive. People constantly give me bad energy, burdens, hate, judgments,.. the list never ends. I am also a lone dreamer, that sucks. Everyone is so typical, thinking within their boxed lives, relying on others, and enjoying routine and taking pride in responsibilities even if they cannot be responsible for themselves and are miserable just following others.

I could keep on channeling my inner energy, exercise more, do more yoga and meditations and just be mindful in the now, and let it be, but unfortunately my morning rituals and mantras just do not cut it anymore.

I simply think life is far too short to not wake up and be your best self. It is too short to not laugh every day. It is too short to not inspired by something, or someone, every single day.

I am as passionate as a heart and soul gets. My traveling has taken me back to the child in me that was filled with dreams and now I am fueled again to be all that I am capable of and deserve to be. My story has yet to begin. My book has yet to be finished and revealed. I am whole. I am loved. I am great. I am anything but lonely although alone. I am my best company and life is slowly opening it’s paths to my dreams one at a time! Every day is my day, and my time will come.

I will leave you with a status I have written last month:

“I have been living the past few weeks totally free; no pressures, no society, no family, no responsibilities or tasks past teaching and taking care of children I choose to, no musts or should haves, no boring routines, no news of any sort on anything, no haters, no obsessors, no drama,.. no past, no future.. Just the now and today to embrace.. oh how I love being alone! Life is beyond astounding when you navigate it from your authentic free heart and soul, and true self-love with confidence and pure intentions towards oneself and others.

I would advise: take yourself, and the bare minimum necessities and get out there in this world alone, BE and DO what you love. Speak and act out of it. Get out of your comfort zone daily. Do something that scares the hell out of you. Get lost. Fall, break, get up. Keep on keeping. Be open to souls and minds of the like, no matter how different they seem at first. Let them in. Set your soul free. Let your heart roar. Take the plunge in the darkness and soar to the light on your own.

For those that are not used to getting out of their comfort zones and fear the unknown.. since many think and tell me I have a ‘reckless soul’. Personally I believe anything you do in this life, you can die doing it in an instant. You do not have to be seeking an adventure to die. You could be simply seated in your comfort zone and daily routines feeling safe and in a split second you are gone! So for me, taking risks to do what gives me the high of being alive and yet so close to death is as equal to staying in a mundane lifestyle just going about my days and life. It is your call; die moving screaming your lungs out from joy or ‘at home’. You move yourself. Do what you desire, what your heart longs for, and what your soul craves. Do not do what others think ‘you should’. Certainly do not navigate this life acting from your fear of death. We are all dying anyways!

Warning from a crazy wanderer: Good luck trying to settle back to normal living from there haha!”

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