“Best Friends”

I realized I have never written an actual piece on the people that make my life truly worth living, although being a third-culture kid and traveler growing up my best friends are scattered all over the world; they are still my one and only permanent home.

So what are best friends to me, as I am to them:-

– They are my chosen true family that I am forever grateful for. I say true because with them I belong and am accepted in every way.

– Our relationship is better and more infinite than marriage, because they are committed to being there for me through it all without having to sign no documents or pledge in front of society.

– It does not matter how long I have not seen them, when I do it feels like just yesterday.

– There is never an awkward moment. We know each other in all our states, moods, and phases.

– Absolutely nothing to hide from them. We know each others “dirty laundry”.

– They do not judge me for anything said or done in the past or present.

– They give me tough love when needed.

– They do not sugar coat reality and advice’s for me. When I need a slap, they give it.

– Distance can never tear us apart. We are bonded beyond any miles.

– Memories with them never fade no matter the time passed.

– We do not need to talk every day or every week to be undeniably connected and intimate or to show care. We do not need to go out every weekend to know where we stand in each others lives.

– They are always there, even in the painful days of silence and even when I am pushing them away. They help remind me to pick myself up and become my unconditional support to bouncing back up after hitting rock bottom.

– They always choose to understand me, it is a commitment in itself.

– They remind me of the best that is in me in all situations.

– We rarely need to explain or justify our actions to one another.

– We only converse about two people: them and I. We do not gossip or mention others outside of us.

– We can do absolutely nothing and still have fun together.

– We deal with each other like sisters and mature self-fulfilled women.

– There is full trust, respect, loyalty, and unconditional love.

– We can always tell each other the truth, no matter how hard it is.

– We act as each others guidance’s through times of need.

– On the rare times I “lose myself” they help me find myself!

– We help each other to improve ourselves, our health, and our lives.

– We can share clothes, raid refrigerators, take showers together, binge out together,.. it is all done and with full comfort.

– We remained friends regardless of ones personal choices in her life.

– It is totally drama and jealousy-free, which is rare for females today.

– When I am with them we can rule the world. Absolute femme fatales!

– We can crack each other up and laugh to death and for no reason too. Or sit in silence for hours comfortably- no pressure or need to entertain.

– We can be random, weird, and absolutely carefree free spirits. We get in trouble then out of it, together.

– We watch out for each others backs. We defend one another blindly.

– We want the best in life for one another and happy to see one of us succeed. I am genuinely happy when one receives what I wish or desire for myself.

– They understand my past, help me propel to my bright future, and accept me for who I was then, today, and whomever I shall be later on in life.

– Although we maybe hundreds of miles away, we are always growing together- never apart.

– They are kind to me when I am unkind to myself.

– We know each others flaws and vulnerabilities and would never manipulate or exploit them. We’re not afraid to be ourselves in good and bad with one another.

– We do not misunderstand or hold grudges.

– Even at times were I was in wrong situations/relationships, they still supported me. Because at the end of every day, they support the person and goodness within me and not what life hands me. They are there throughout the journey like one should be there for him/herself.

– They make life worth living, because after all what is life when you cannot find the minds and hearts you belong among?

I always say: I do not need anyone but myself and God. But truth is, my best friends are the only people I do really need!

With that said, I am describing my girl friends here, whom I would refer to as “sister’s”. As someone who grew up all her life with males as best friends, I have to say that as one got older it was hard to maintain a best friend with the opposite sex. Now, I do not fully believe in pure close friendships with the opposite sex. They are only manageable under three circumstances: 1. One friend is already with a significant other, but even then for some people and societies once when gets married it is hard to keep a friend of an opposite sex, especially with wives being so insecure as women and mistrusting from the start. 2. Unrequited love where one friend loves but the other is on a different “let us just stay best friends and not ruin our friendship” path; after all, you know each other inside out and choose to understand and accept one another for all you are. 3. One friend is extremely physically unattractive to the other. But even that can grow for the reason mentioned before. Who knows, maybe I am wrong but for now I have lost pretty much all my guy friends do to the second reason and then also, the fact once they have women in their lives they want our bond over. Which is understood knowing how insecure women can be and are.

Another point I care to mention, I never really believed in girls being best friends in huge groups at least not to this pure intimate level that I describe- there is always one closer to the other, envy, and drama of “she said you said she said” when the numbers are too big. Thank God, I have got 14 girl friends I cherish dearly around the world. But yes, none of us are one group, met them separately throughout my life journey. We are all of different ages, races, ethnicity’s, and religions- none of that ever mattered when it came to our bond. My dream would definitely be to unite them all in one place for myself! That would be my definition of heaven on earth!

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