Years ago, I used to really suck at being patient. I wanted things and now, just like a child. Then I got good at waiting, but with an extended deadline in my mind and at points, boiling attitudes whenever I felt “I’ve waited too long, when is it happening already??!!!”

Then I learned, patience isn’t just about the wait.

It’s about your behavior meanwhile waiting. And yes, you’re tested many times to keep your cool.

It’s about staying still when you feel the need to rush.

It’s having hope when you can easily just drown in despair.

It’s about absorbing the intensity of certain things that overwhelm you in this life and yet, stay collected and silent.

It’s about being thankful for what you got even when you still haven’t really gotten all you need and/or want.

It’s knowing that no matter how well you plan, you can’t plan better than what’s already been written for you.

It’s accepting that God knows when you’re ready and it may not be now or tomorrow or a few months from now, even if you think you are already ready.

It’s about staying focused on your dreams even if they seem so astray and/or impossible during the darker days.

It’s loving yourself for who you are now although you aren’t yet who you wish to become. We’re all works in progress. You may not be where you want to be, but be thankful you’re no longer where you used to be. You’re okay and you’re on your way!

It’s staying true to who you are no matter what you go through and not letting other’s opinions, criticisms, or hate turn you into someone smaller.

It’s about having faith, that although you’re not where you want to be that you’re getting there in baby steps.

It’s realizing what you need or want may not come in the form you have expected.

It’s letting go of your need to control everything.

It’s staying focused on creating the life you want no matter the distractions and obstacles.

It’s choosing to motivate yourself instead of being miserable. It’s getting out of bed and getting busy when starting your day is the last thing you feel like doing.

It’s not settling just so you wouldn’t be alone. No one is better than anyone when it comes to a lifetime.

It’s not going to the false shelters just because you haven’t gotten the authentic one that will benefit you and not just temporarily.

It’s about choosing your thoughts correctly to take you where you want, even though it may seem that every things going the wrong way.

It’s being certain that where you are right now is where you should be, and instead of wasting away your days wishing you were elsewhere you must do your best with what you have and here.

It’s about knowing surely that in patience you grow, but only if you’re willing to find the lessons.

It’s sticking to plan even if you don’t feel like it.

It’s seeing the opportunities in your struggles and the gains in your losses.

It’s about accepting the possibility that what you’re waiting for may not ever happen to begin with. And believing that even then it’s a blessing, it’s just in disguise.

Believe you’ll get there. Be patient. Give time, more time. And of course, fight for your dreams and take care of yourself and health along the way. Know things worth having in this life must be earned. To make your dreams a reality you must fight. Sometimes everything and everyone will seem they’re in your way.. and that doesn’t matter. Just make sure you aren’t the one sabotaging yourself!

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