What’s It Like To Be A Free-Spirit?

We love roaming this world alone. And no one understands how and why we are hardly ever lonely.

We don’t fit in any society.

We’re not just open minded, but open hearted. Our hearts are too big for hate.

We are foreigners everywhere we go, even in our own birth city/country.

We are nature and animal lovers.

We do the “weird” things; go into martial arts, become yogis, into Indian Ayurvedic practices, Taoism,.. we love to keep our bodies moving but we also love stillness, for we know the power in our breath.

We are mindful about what we eat. The majority of us care a lot for animals and thus eat more plant-based diets.

We are health enthusiasts. We care to take care of ourselves.

We like books, they’re sweet escapes.

Marriage for us is no must if it won’t be a passionate, fun, soul companion.

The majority of us are single, because we are aware of our exact emotional and physical needs and would never settle.

Life has one too many roads for us to discover. We’re always craving adventures.

We laugh a lot, out loud.. and almost always, even at ourselves.

We celebrate life. We celebrate us.

We are always traveling and longing to travel. Along that road of journeys it’s so easy for us to spot the other rare free-spirits and just click without conditions or expectations.

We know of and believe in unconditional love as the only weapon. If we choose to love you, we love you for who you are and not what you can do for us.

We have an abundant source of love from within. This also means, we choose forgiveness.

To many of us, everything in life is a choice. No such thing as “stuck”.

We are complete. We don’t keep people in our lives to fill up inner voids, but instead to add to our greatness, fire up our passions, share our happiness, help us grow to the better, and enjoy this adventure of life with us.

We are authentic. This usually means we stand alone for we oppose all societal norms and traditions.

Music is a life of it’s own. An ecstasy to embrace.

We love art.

Basically, we love all forms of self-expression.

We have FUN. No matter our age.

Speaking of age, it’s no barrier. We don’t care how old you are.

We don’t play emotional victims. We’re emotional beings but yet, are not emotionally driven. We have emotions, but our emotions don’t have us. That is because we’ve chosen to foster our own self-control and discipline.

We take risks.

We know everything is possible and see the capacity in ourselves and everything.

We’re in no rush.

We are responsible.

We choose to change, we don’t do excuses.

We’re living focused on the present moment.

We never stop learning and growing. Yes, we make mistakes.

The majority of us love and value hugs.

We’re positive and enthusiastic.

We’re grateful.

We’re great listeners. We listen with our hearts not simply our ears.

We have a strong inner voice that withstands all judgment, labels, and opinions of others.

We cannot be tamed.

We don’t do labels or categorizations. We don’t care for gender, ethnicity, religion, or age like said. We take you as you are, your bare naked soul.

We love driving, riding, and getting lost in nature.

We are unbridled by any social, personal, or moral conventions.

We take pleasure in the simple things of life.

Our positive attitudes are contagious, only if you’re open to our energy.

We greet anyone and everyone with warm smiles and spread kindness.

We are easy to get along with, yet we tend to remove ourselves from: hypocrites, gossipers, dramatists, liars,.. just to name a few.

We don’t do acquaintances.

We don’t follow crowds.

We are highly intuitive to the emotional energy of others, it’s easy for us to read you just from glancing into your eyes.

We have friends all over the world and they’re our chosen family.

It’s very easy for us to be super intimate with those we connect with.

We are very aware of our essence.

We are in tune with our bodies.

We choose to be kind over being right.

We are warriors.

We know our worth. It’s certainly not for you to determine or even question.

Three words: peace of mind. It’s something we own and foster. You can’t affect it.

We’re very social, yet we pick who we find worth knowing us. Too many energy suckers out there!

Our own conscious is the only approval we need.

We aim to better the world, one person at a time. However, we are at peace with the fact we can’t help those that don’t want to be helped and/or believe that power of change is in their hands.

We know of deep pain and overwhelming pleasure, we strive for balance.

We care for mental connections and the rare unexplainable soul bonds.

We don’t care for the opinions, approval, or applaud of others.

We’re usually misunderstood and seen as the typical labels of “crazy,” “weird,” “always alone,” “talks to him/herself,”.. oh it’s endless!

We’re empathetic and it’s easy for us to be that way because we don’t expect the mundane others which are the majority to “get us”. They never will. And it doesn’t matter.

We have many ideals but we keep them to ourselves. We’re no propagator’s.

We see all perceptions and sides.

Prison for us isn’t just jail, it could be traditional family conventions, societal confinements or involuntary restraints of any sort. Could be our own partner, family, career, or social position.

Speaking of, we let go of what or who does not serve us no matter what we share. We let go of whatever and whomever holds us back.

We create new paths, even if it means starting all over again.

We navigate from self-respect, self-esteem, and self-love.

We don’t know how to be jealous or envious.

We don’t compare to anyone but our past selves.

We’re concerned with self-improvement. So concerned we don’t have time to criticize others.

We mediate and/or pray.

Playing it safe is too risky for us.

We purposely get out of our comfort zones and often.

Pain is growth.

Passion is our drive. It’s ignited in our heart and soul.

We’ve replaced pride with humility.

We know the power of words so we use ours wisely.

We don’t believe in perfection, we love our flaws.

We are almost always smiling.

We don’t get offended or take things personally. We know how people react is a reflection of themselves. How we react, now that is our truth. We practice responding, instead of reacting. We are aware that situations are powerless without our reactions.

We talk to nature and animals.

We have read into all religions and take the good out of all. If you must term us, we’re “spiritual beings”.

We love vintage and second hand-goods, as well as, recycling.

We also see with our hearts not just eyes. And we see the beauty in all.

We’re courageous and bold.

We’ve accepted we’ll never really belong.

We see you and treat you for your essence: you are simply a Soul like us all with deeds.

We’re highly sensitive to pollution and toxicity. Be it in form of noises, air, or people.

We don’t judge.

We have few rules to our lives, but those we have we take very seriously.

We let you be. Love is after all, freedom.

We care that we are in harmony in mind, spirit, and body.

We live by integrity. We cannot not tell the truth.

We choose to conquer our minds.

Even if we were born pessimists, we turned ourselves into optimists.

We not only think outside of the box.. we think and out and around it!

Our happiness matters. We’re not here to impress the world or stay stuck in misery and claim we’re doing it “for others”.

We’e hopeless romantics although we’d hate to admit it.

We’ve killed our Ego’s and that’s why we shine ๐Ÿ™‚

Nothing and no one can weigh us down.

We live life to the fullest, knowing at any moment it can be our last.

We love to draw smiles on other people’s faces.

Our life is the message to the world.

We are at peace with death.

We are fully present wherever we are. Even if we don’t want to be there, we have our own inner world as an abode. And it’s colorful and magnificent ๐Ÿ˜‰

We honor others and treat them how we want to be treated even if they’re treating us badly.

We fight evil with love. We know we were made to lead by example.

We want others to be happy, too.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post this morning as it’s the first thing i did as I woke up. It put a big smile on my face as it reminded me how amazing it is that people of completely different backgrounds, who have lived immensely different lives, still think so similarly.

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