What Children Can Teach You

Having helped raise many babies growing up, I also learnt to grow through them. Here are just a few lessons of life you can learn through infants and toddlers.

(1) Always keep trying. When babies fall they get right back up. And they fall many times over and over again. No matter the tears and screams, they get back up and try again. And if they can’t walk, they crawl, till one day they can only walk and forward.

(2) They are happy for no reason.

(3) A smile even from a stranger reflects in their own faces and lights their eyes. They see through to the soul and the energy you radiate and not merely your looks. Smile, and the world smiles back at you!

(4) Life is their playground. They’re always entertaining themselves. Everything is alive and generating energy be it in color or shape.

(5) They love moving and barefoot! Fitness is another word for having fun. They use their bodies for what they were made for: being in motion.

(6) Love is actions not just feelings. The more time and affection spent on them the more attached.

(7) What you don’t know or don’t understand, ASK about it.

(8) Be curious enough to wonder about anything and everything. Use your imagination!

(9) They lack fear, so they navigate from love. Give them unconditional love and you’ll receive it. They know no other way.

(10) They know of no social norms or boundaries that is why they fully embrace and enjoy themselves. Every child is authentic.

(11) If you want to know how something functions, disassemble it totally. In a child’s world this applies to toys, in an adults it can apply to many things in life. Like for example, to fix a problem you must first dissect its roots.

(12) They get in action without thinking. For us adults this means leaping out of our comfort zones.

(13) When you’re tired, rest! We tend to push ourselves beyond fatigue as we get older, listen to your bodies.

(14) Sing and dance- even if you’re good at neither.

(15) Get lost. Explore new mental, emotional, and physical spaces.

(16) Say exactly what you mean when you mean it. And sometimes necessary you do so out loud. This is what will grow later into integrity.

(17) Children can teach you to keep your heart and mind open.

(18) Observe others! They imitate what works and what brings results they take pleasure in.

(19) To the parents, if your baby is a girl- as mother your mirror her value and confidence. Raise them to love and respect themselves fully including their flaws. And as a father you play the most vital role being the first and only man in her life for years, you teach her a certain kind of love. If your baby is a boy, same scenario as well being the first woman in his life as a mother and a role model as a father.

(20) Enjoy life’s free pleasures! Take a child to the beach or a garden and really see the gratitude for nature and enjoyment they make happen.

(21) Respect, trust, and unconditional admiration comes along with being nurtured. Unconditional love nurtures just for the sake of giving.


  1. Your posts are truly inspiring and incredibly helpful.. love reading them and always am.. You’re really talented and I believe many people could use your help.. I don’t know if you’d like to but I suggest you create an ask.fm account so people could ask you for advice and certain topics to write about more freely.. Goos luck

  2. Hello,
    First I wanted to let you know that your writings are amazing. You’re defo a talent x
    Second I wanted to ask you to write about true friendship, please. Your idea of a true friendship.
    And finally I just thought you should know that the ask.fm suggestion would be great for people to ask you for advice more simply and frequently..
    Thanks, Kelly xx

  3. May I ask why is you keep changing your name in your every comment since you’re the same person always commenting? Please stick to your true identity! Your email does show up as the same.

  4. These are my friends 🙂 I let them read your posts from my account, my phone. So they told you their requests and i asked them to write their opinion since you appreciate feedback. Expected you to ask though.

  5. Oh, alright Ella. Thank you for clarifying 🙂 yes I do appreciate it I was just a little weirded out a different name with the same email and same way of writing each time, sorry. Had to ask indeed.

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