The Art of Success

So the title is actually a bit of a paradox. You maybe expecting some motivational piece on how to be successful. But actually, it is not. It may help you however redefine what success really is after all.

I see everyone today so concerned with the worldly gains. Success to them is having a full-time cooperate job at some big company, making money and a lot of it if possible (the more the better), and carrying a prominent title/status and thus, gaining respect through that positioned power. And what if you don’t have all that? Well then you must have a husband/wife, what else are you wasting your time doing if not? Even if it’s just for the sake of having a spouse, have one- and for women, why aren’t you following mother nature already and getting busy making babies? You want ‘unconditional love’ and to feel a real purpose and need by others to your being, right? Mamma mia! You are all missing out on true life and love.
All those financial achievements that people focus on with overwhelm are merely all constructions of the false world.

What I want to share with you is my philosophy on success.
Success for me is purposeful. It is wholeness. It is beauty. It is infinite.
What is that success then?
It is dependent on my spirituality, my fulfilled self, my robust health, my nurtured self-discipline, and having positive healthy relationships with others.
It is pursuing my passions with full heart even if they make me little money.
It is loving myself and others unconditionally.
It is being at true peace with oneself within no matter what I endure.
It is believing in myself and practicing what I preach no matter what others deem and say.
It is living this life with integrity, an open mind, and an open heart.
It is feeling happy, loved, and complete without needing another partner just for the sake of company. And never having to settle till I find the great love I believe in and am capable of. And once I do, it is having children as a symbol of my love for that person and not because it’s what’s expected, or as a ‘mistake’, or to please my parents, or to tie my man. And if I don’t find that? Well then it is embracing and continuing to feel my right to self-actualization, love, respect, joy, and wholeness.

All these things are not easily attained indeed, you cannot achieve them by graduating by from a certain top university and getting a big degree- they’re all a matter of choices and seeking all that you need within. You do this by seeking your center and improving your SELF.

True success is an internal process and certainly not external like many think. All those layers of skin you are covered in- your past, your hurts, your emotions, your childhood, your acquaintances, your family, your titles, your tangible accomplishments.. you peel off yourself of all those rind false layers- till your soul, your essence- is bared.
It is a journey of practicing courage, honesty, and patience. An inner life that defines your outer. It requires letting go of your need to please and prove things to others, letting go of your need to be right, letting go of your false need to be accepted by others, letting go of all that limits your soul, and learning surrender. Surrender to what or whom you must wonder? To your own self. Get out of your own way. Stop being your own limiting belief. Start living on purpose and not on emotions. Stop trying to please others. Stop trying to control the outside, control is merely an illusion. Follow your own unique path, embrace yourself for all that you are, and let your truth be your crown. The only acceptance you need is your own.

Your life is meant to be one were you feel belonging, love, beauty and joy EVERY DAY. This world is full of corruption, hate, envy, fears, boundaries, and false control. But you can seek a life within you that will redefine all that is on the outside. You can find your own path without anyone else’s support. You can make your life a beautiful dream. A place that resides within you that you carry with you where ever you go. A place that no one can shake or burn no matter what is said and done. You shine your light and it glows even to your ‘enemies’ and haters.

That place is one where your body can heal itself. One where your medicine is laughter. One where giving love does not require receiving it. One where being kind and good without expectations nourishes you, instead of drains you. It means being responsible for all that you are and are not, all that you said and did not say, and all that you did and did not do yet.
It is not a tangible place in this world- it is within you.

Confront and attack your fears.
Decide to change.
Move forward.
Set your intentions.
Make your mind work for you.
Practice gratitude. TODAY and NOW for what you have and who you are.
Be open to all the possibilities of this life.
And let go of your need to control and just go with the flow of life.

Listen to your intuition.
Listen to the music of life.
Listen to the voice of God in your prayers.
Listen to the signals of your purpose in the silence of everyday life. The small incites of your beating heart.
Observe your emotions, don’t define yourself by them.
Re-center yourself. Focus on what you want, and not what you do not.
Know that all that you want is out there waiting for you- to listen and CREATE it.

Surrendering is a strength. Let go of everything and everyone. Let go. Just hold tightly to yourself and your pursuit to being a better self. It’s the only way to succeed in this life and after.

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