Vital Contemplations on Life

There are only three things in life that I can think of that you need to accept in order to live in peace with yourself.

(1) Death: it is truly the only common inevitable happening for every life on this earth. Be it animal, plant, or human. To me, those that fear death, could just be because they love life too much, but personally I do beyond love life and living, yet, somehow would welcome death. To me, they are interdependent. You live, meanwhile someone dies, and another is life is being born. It is not your call, there is not much you can do to prevent it, it just is. And if you’re someone who sleeps at peace every night, lives with gratefulness and passion, and is keen to keep doing good deeds for his own self-actualization; the word death will never shake you, to the contrary, makes you smile just as much as being alive. Also, for those that lose loved ones during their life, one thing I know for sure, your soul truly grows through grief. Although I can never fully put in words how that feels.

(2) Love: if you live a decent number of years it is also inevitable considering us humans are all similar and from the moment we were born we were in need of others. Be it to share moments, companionship, sympathy, or even to understand yourself as an individual. We are all somehow reflected in one another depending on our life experiences. At least one time in your life, you will fall hard for love. All I can say is, I’ve wondered one too many times if one should be held responsible for whom he/she loves. As absurd and immoral as some loves I have witnessed, I realized, love knows no age, no status, no religion, and no identity. It just is, it just happens, when you least expect it or desire it. Let it cut your heart open and poison your mind. Embrace the surges of emotions and primarily the weaknesses it brings. No one is immune from being vulnerable towards a certain someone. Little did I truly know, that being vulnerable is true strength.

(3) Your body: life is something you experience first and foremost through your body and its senses. It is what you must respect. Respecting it means taking good care of it. If you do take care of your body by being active and healthy and avoiding toxins such as bad drugs, smoking, or alcohol, your body will take much better care of you and allow you to experience a much more fulfilling life overall. Before, I never realized how much of a gift it is and how far I can take it being self-destructive by nature, then yes, once I begun treating my body as my foundation to life, it gave being alive a whole other meaning! I cannot not train (unless I over train and I am injured and sentenced to bed haha!) I cannot put crap in my system as often as I used to. I cannot skip meals. I think of my body as my status symbol, I want it forever fit and strong. Radiating health. Sometimes however, I feel imprisoned in mine, particularly when injured at least. Really when it comes down to it, you are nothing but a mere soul, you have a body, and your duty is to take care of it and nourish it. Your life’s quality is determined by your engine. It is your duty to train it right and fuel it purposely. It’s a gift and can be enjoyed. All you have to remember is, you are capable. Personally, I want to live the knowing I am the best version of myself be it mentally and physically. I want to attack my tasks for the day with full energy. I am aware that there are no limits except ones I set for myself.

We need to accept one fact: each and every one of us, we are no more than human. Fear, insecurity, doubt, worry, pain, desire, weakness, depression, all those feelings you would hate would take over you. One lesson learnt, you cannot be invincible for so long and expect to experience life fully. We all want to be strong and positive always, but that is not our nature. We grow from pain and vulnerability. It is just not the way we were made.

Insecurities, they start with your mind. Believe you are worthy of the best, take care of yourself, and love yourself above all. Then it will all fall into place. Comparing does not help, be the best version of you and no one else! Just do what you are most passionate about, speak your heart and mind, be accepting, and make the right choices to the life you wish to live. If things do not go well, you fall hard, you lose track, or control. Do not beat yourself up if you are not the way you want to be at all times.

Acceptance does not mean being content though, you have to push further, stay out of your comfort zone, and ask more of yourself. The most important thing is to just keep on moving forward. Accept your nature, do not ever give up or in, have full self-belief, and embrace all experiences without regret. I think one of the true keys to happiness is, not only doing what you take pleasure in, but to take risks. Fear is nothing more than a mental barrier, a mere illusion stopping you from something great. True failure is experienced when you fail to take on an endeavor because of fear; you think you cannot do it, or people tell you it is impossible. Well let me tell you, you are far from your truth and potential. No one can tell you cannot but yourself. Gamble with life’s experiences (wisely of course), and embrace all that it has to offer with appreciation. As someone who has experienced many pains and joys- particularly relating to love or my fight to stay optimistic, I can say that I am thankful for both, be it even when I was at the lowest lows mentally and emotionally. I am thoughtful and selfless because of both encounters.

Back to a random thought, our greatest of moments and true joys are only ever real when shared with someone. In my life, I embrace everyday as an opportunity and I see every person that I interact with as someone special, with his/her own beauty, one that has endured life, deserves respect, deserves to laugh, and has dreams and hopes, just like me.

Life is so simple and full of beauty. If only people would make it a better place beginning with changes within themselves, the way they treat others, and become accepting of one another without harsh judgements. Ahhh it would be so easy for us all!

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