Love Lessons

The more you live with an open heart, the more you love…the more you will hurt. In the end, you will master truly loving and without no conditions.

Just like everything, the cure for love gone “bad” is to keep on believing and loving. You get better at it with age. Why? Because it takes practice.

It is a journey of getting to know oneself, and that is a lifelong one.

If you believe in a God you must believe in love. God is the purest form of all loves.

When I hear people say, “fuck love” or “it doesn’t exist”…I start to think, “Damn, someone used you up well and now you are left with nothing but fear.” People protect themselves out of fears because they have already been wounded. Do not allow fear when it comes to love because you cannot have the two simultaneously. It may cause you to endure pain, but that is much better than being a living dead. The fact is, with love, what broke you will heal you. Choose to be cautious but never fearful.

Eventually, the better you get at loving you learn that:
Love is not a need.
Love is not given to be returned. It is in no way self-serving. It is no trade.
Love does NOT necessitate vulnerability, pain, and heartbreak.

Love is a chosen energy.
Love ultimately let’s go.

Unconditional love towards another can only happen when you are whole as an individual (unless it is your child of course). The most essential unconditional love is towards ONESELF. Through that you shall find yourself loving another as yourself, not instead of, or more than. Then I assure you, you will never end up let down in regret. Or at least, you surely will not be blaming yourself for any relationship having ended.

You also learn that certain people can live in your heart forever, but not in your life.

Love can kill you, more than it can save you if it is done wrongly, built on or lead to deceit, or is unbalanced from your significant other. It is also even more dangerous if the love does not start with feeling it towards yourself, instead of seeking it mainly from another person you may lose or may shatter your expectations and so future.

It is a passion, with a very fine line between it and another passion; hate- so be careful. Whatever you love is carved within you heart. Same applies for hate, if you want to forgive and forget or let go of someone, you do not do that by hating them- whomever you hate will forever be engraved in your heart. Yet, unlike with love, what will rule your life is bitterness and anger.

Furthermore, love alone is not a good enough of an indicator to a relationship. Sometimes, it is not enough. Sometimes it does not conquer all. While other times, it is the only thing you need to transform your soul and relationship to the better. It can last. It is just that people today do not really know what love stands for anymore, it is no passive emotion or romance that is for sure!

Remember, the heart wants what it wants. So love wisely, do not disregard your mind entirely. The mind perceives, meanwhile, the heart simply experiences. Your own heart can be deceiving, following it and it alone will surely lead you to a road of suffering in most cases especially in your young years. However, what you must learn to do is follow your heart but in accord with your mind take the decisions to determine whether it is a good or bad idea to go through with.

One things for sure: do not ignore your intuition and conscious. If your guts are telling you to not go for the person or give it another try, FOLLOW IT.

Above all, choose to follow your principles and moral compass. Love can tend to comes without either, when you least expect it!

Love for the sake of loving, let it take care of the rest!

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