Wealth, Detachment, & Your Essence

You cannot be spirituality attuned and chase wealth.
The paths to either are mostly conflicting and quite opposing.

Ask yourself this: will your Hermès purses, your Louboutins’, your recognized acquaintances’, your gigantic houses, and massive bank accounts help you in the journey of finding your ESSENCE as a BEING?

You ARE a soul that still has countless places to go and lifetimes to guide, and for me I realized I could not live the affluent, “ideal, good” life and still be in tune with my soul.

The single everlasting essence of your being is that which is within you. It is not your name, where you graduated from, your job title, what you own, who you know or are related to…

I watch my family duped by materials, anything money-oriented is equated to true living and somehow even, love. Of course the title of “doctor,” “architect,” and “real estate entrepreneur” are somehow the sole occupations that are revered. They deem you respect automatically.

As a child love for me was always tangible. It was the sole source I was given and programmed to think matters. Over the course of two years, I have practiced detachment. Not only form material things but also, I abstain regularly from food for a given period. I fast regularly (not speaking of the month of Ramadan), it teaches me to value and welcome my needs as a mortal. I am constantly ridiculed for having eliminated so much of my wants and for reducing my needs. But for me, i is self-nourishment. The more I simplify and detach, the more I feel liberated, blissful, and in serenity.

You need to be astutely distinct when it comes to discerning NEEDS from WANTS. I do not think I was distinct at first, because for me there was a totally blurred line between both. I had convinced myself; shopping CURES my “depression”, showering with Evian water is better for my skin (surely didn’t do that on a daily basis though, not the shower but the Evian haha!), I “need” exotic tasting foods, I need to be up to date with the latest collections of the seasons, if not ahead (although was always into vintage, goes to prove my point of fashion being nothing but a mere repeat of the past), I “need” my Blahniks and Louboutins because although very painful to walk in, they used to give me a ray of “confidence” as I called it… the list can go on and on.

I started tackling my wants first, those I called my “needs”. I changed the way I think towards those objects and monitored how others that are slaves to luxury branded names and substantial materials live. Once I rephrased my thoughts and determined my list of essential needs and wants that appeared previously to be needs, the challenge was on.

Through the process, I was certain that money depresses, because no matter how much you have, you WILL want more. It is just how it is. You get a tang of the fine things, they do not last, and you are alert there is always something finer out there. Your desire grows and you just routinely keep spending without thought or appreciation.

(For men, it’s a whole other world- for an obsession with money will not only guarantee you the business dilemmas… so in addition to your daily headaches from work you will get your share dose of issues with women. Either you are the predator or the prey).

I felt the weight of the world being lifted. I was freed from a cage that I myself had constructed. For others, it is a society pressure- but for me it was my own confinement, I never cared to please others at any point of my life. I can’t recall when it first happened, but now, I am able to finally truly breathe this air in with gratitude and revival within.

My current addiction is ELIMINATING. I keep lessening and cutting of whatever I can. I do so as tests, to defy my past and what I thought was my nature.

And I am not going to lie, I have a huge closet back home in Egypt, it is so full to the point I added extensions and I am now literally living IN a closet. Plus, to be frank, I have not worn most of what is there, I don’t even know the items I once bought regularly. I was simply addicted to spending and watching the luxury hang and sleep knowing it will still be there, hanging..useless, yet mine. So decision made, I’m donating my stuff once back, yes, even some of the designer pieces.

I do not know much about what is after and I do not like to think beyond the now… but I am convinced that the only baggage that shall be of any significance I will be carrying are my deeds. Those good deeds although elusive in this world, have taken me beyond it in other spiritual realms.

Note: this was inspired by some soulless friends of friends I sat with earlier, so thank you indirectly.

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