To Succeed: What it Takes!

To be successful at anything, you must be aware that it it starts in your mind.

Decide what it is exactly that you want, set a plan of attack, fix it in your mind, and affirm it to yourself DAILY.

Envision your success.

Once you have dedicated yourself to your plan, that means no excuses and you commit with full belief to your program. It all comes down to taking ACTION. A plan is nothing but words on paper without movement.

Small steps: making the right choices repeatedly, day in and out… it is the sum of all success. Being that little bit better than the day before.

Wake up each day with a smile, a positive attitude full of passion and go after life!

Remember: to accomplish a goal, you must pay the price to get it. You persevere even when there is no end in sight. It is a journey that in itself is the reward and if it isn’t a long haul, then you need to dream BIGGER!

Reaching goals is a matter of a few character qualities. You need a burning desire within you; it is the ultimate fuel and test to how bad you truly want something. It separates the winners from the losers that give up right before the finish-line when the going really gets tough. That desire will fire up your determination.

Then you implement the magic of discipline! You do what is required, you stick to the plan- no matter how you feel or what circumstances in life get thrown at you. For it is not what happens around you that shapes you or determines your destiny; but your attitude towards those circumstances and the choices you make AT THE MOMENT that will result in where you end up.

One word I love and live by: perseverance. You persist for however long it shall take, even if forever. You persist and remain patiently consistent till you reach your goals. You exert beyond your “limits”. You push through the struggles, even if you land face down- at least you are moving forward. It is the true essence of a fighter. You run. If you cannot, then walk. If you cannot, then crawl if you must but push through the discomfort.

If you expect motivation to enlighten you daily, you will never change. Seek that extra push from within you, set your ideals, and live up to your own standards. Motivation is no source of success. It’s what gets you started initially, but it wears out sooner or later. You enjoying the pathway to your success is the key. When the right habits become your lifestyle and the process no matter how painful and long it was becomes one you love, that is when you win.

Know that for every little choice you make, you are responsible. Hold yourself accountable for every decision. With a strong willpower and a confident mindset, you practice making the right one each and every time.

If you fail, well then that is good. For you cannot succeed without having failed over and over beforehand. You fail, you learn, and you then write down how you prevent such failures from happening again. You do what you must, and do it wholeheartedly.

If your plan is not working, you review your steps and tactics, modify your approach or routine and work harder the next time. You do MORE than what is required, even if what is a requirement to reach your goal is already beyond what you think is your “best”.

Dream big. Go for what you want. Become who you wish. Those that succeed rarely ever care if they please others. Be your own support. Let their doubt in you succeeding fuel you. The only person stopping you from ever reaching your dreams is yourself. For you are your one and only enemy in life.

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