Bikini Season!

Tried of having to deal with the harsh reality of not being able to maintain your weight after a diet, or at least for as long you thought after all the hard work? Surely, being stuck in a cycle of weight fluctuations is both unhealthy and frustrating.

The majority of us tend to gain a couple of pounds during winter and once the summer approaches it’s time for the polar extreme, all of the sudden the gyms are packed and everyone is yo-yo dieting their way to a swimsuit body! Although yo-yo dieting may lead you to rapid weight loss, the overwhelming extreme while on it causes is harmful for your metabolism and body, thus in the long run, leaving you with more weight gained even prior to having started the diet! It is just as damaging as any other fad diet and most definitely not the solution to get summer ready this year. Skipping meals, consuming few calories, eating one food group, or over-exercising suddenly aren’t any tools to get the lean toned body you want.

If you want a physique that lasts, know the way you will achieve it is no quick-fix. How you got it, is how you’ll keep it, so read on it all starts with how to quit the cycle once and for all.

Firstly, you must be realistic. You have to aim for a healthy weight loss given your period of time; do not just suddenly decide you need to loose 15 pounds in 1 month to be bikini ready. It does not work that way! If you go to extremes and do loose the weight quickly, you will gain it back just as quick. Rule one is to follow a diet you can actually stick with and enjoy- not one that will make you feel deprived and leaving you hungry often.

Secondly, do not attempt to loose too much too soon, be patient, and give yourself a realistic deadline to reach. Starting any diet program you essentially loose the fastest the first 1-3 weeks, after that expect to loose no more than a pound per week. You do not want to simply starve your muscles away. It is not just fat that goes away when the weight scale number decreases, remember that.

Lastly, I think it is important to surround yourself with those that are supportive; that doesn’t mean going on a fad diet in a group for motivational competition either. It means holding yourself accountable for choosing the right path to healthy weight loss and meanwhile your journey you have those that support you on your mission and not sabotage you or lead you to the same weight cycling. Socialize with individuals living a fit and healthy lifestyle if you must have a companion on your weight loss journey.

How will you get summer ready the healthy way?

To start off, a caloric deficit is required to loose weight. First you must know your maintenance calorie level and from there the key is to gradually decrease the caloric intake at a slow pace. For example, start with 200 calories less for a month then for the second month decrease 100 more and stop there after a 400-500 caloric deficit. Do not drastically decrease your calories suddenly or continually. Ideally, you should decrease calories by cutting off on unneeded carbohydrates and extra fats, do increase your Essential Fatty Acids consummation however, and make sure to eat enough vegetables and lean proteins. Also, without a doubt, ditch the sugar! Focus on eating natural sugars such as fruits and use little honey or Stevia instead of regular sugar.

Following that is the mental switch, choose to see your diet as a healthy eating plan that is a choice you make to nourish you within. A diet essentially means an eating plan you follow on a day-to-day basis, it is the foods you eat as a lifestyle. It is not deprivation, but to the contrary, it is mindful eating for a purpose. It is eating whole foods in their most natural state as possible to provide you with quality fuel. Thus, it is important to switch your outlook and start this weight loss endeavor with your mindset; firm on healthy.

Thirdly, you must stay in tune with your body, that is, when you clearly can distinguish hunger from emotional eating. Be analytical and conscious, do not just snack when you are bored for instant gratification. Focus on your body queues, when you are hungry eat, eat till satisfied do not stuff yourself, recognize how certain foods make you feel, etc.

Finally, be active! Once you diet is nailed, you can then add exercise to increase the health benefits and help you reach the ideal physique you want. I think of diet as the maker of the body inside out and exercise shapes it. Not only that of course, it has multiple benefits for your organs leading you to live a much happier fuller life. Just as with the diet, you must start slow and gradually. A half hour a day of walking is a great start and for some can be all you need. Just move more when you can and make use of your limbs for they are a blessing to utilize. Realize you do not need to train for hours, you can gain more in 20 minutes of handwork then an hour or two of moderate work. So stick to short and intense workouts instead of the long duration sessions, they surely bring the best results.

To conclude, you can actually enjoy the weight loss process on both levels, diet and exercising if you have chosen a correct healthy program, are realistic about your goals, and follow it optimistically focusing on every new day to make a change. Don’t look too far ahead, who knows what you will look like a month or three or six from now? I assure you, if you take care of yourself and thus your health you will be looking better as the weeks pass by. The only question pertaining to time you should ask yourself is “Will I be able to keep this diet up a year from now? And without sabotaging my health?” If so, you’re on the right path and you will be summer ready all year long!

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