Learning to Love Your Body

With societies ideals for beauty and perfection set worldwide- be it by the celebrities or models and their endless trends- young girls and ladies are inclined to harsh self- assessment.

Females in particular, have all endured teen years of unhealthy eating habits, eating disorders, overdoing cardio, and gone on those fad diets for some quick weight loss. Unfortunately, some are still living in those destructive cycles. Little did we then know that we were destroying our bodies inside out. We constantly find ourselves comparing our bodies to others…if only we focused on our own and aimed for health benefits and not an ideal weight, image or size set by societies.

If you incessantly try to achieve a communally imposed ideal, you will never be liberated from your insecurities or your self-consciousness. You should acknowledge and learn to accept the fact that we are not all meant to be fashion-model size; and even that ideal is unhealthy in most cases. Comparing does not help, be the best version of yourself and no one else. The only person you are competing against when it comes to health and fitness is YOU. To run that extra mile, lift an extra repetition, or whatever the goal maybe be- always beat your personal best, that is winning! Eventually you will look better than ever as you enjoy the process towards a healthier leaner you.

Also, remember insecurities start with your mind.

“Accentuate your best features and disguise what you are not so happy with. Choose outfits that fit and make you look comfortable rather than those that are up-to-the-minute,” said Giorgio Armani.

The quote above is proof that even those cover models and celebrities don t wake up and look as good as they appear daily; they get air brushed and photoshopped in every way post the photo shoots to suit what the world expects to see: perfection. Although it is a mere illusion in the eye of its beholder. Also, the help of personal clothing assistants help cover up their stubborn body fat areas or imperfect parts. All it takes is learning to dress for your shape correctly to flatter what you got!

Really when it comes down to it, your duty is to take care of your body and nourish it. Your engine- that is your body- determines your life,s quality. It is your obligation to train it right and fuel it purposely. It is a gift and can be enjoyed. All you have to remember is, you are capable. No matter how much genetics encodes where you store and lose fat, the body you have been given will still respond positively to being respected and treated well. Concentrate on making physical activities fun and eating nutritious whole foods; they will help you feel good whatever your size maybe.

Moreover, it is essential to develop a healthy, positive image of yourself. Your self-image will be the basis of your success towards a healthy lifestyle. You must have a strong sense of self, as it will provide you with the origin for making rational and asserting decisions concerning your health. Work with your body and not against it! It is the only one you have. Believe you are worthy of the best, take care of yourself, and love yourself above all. Then all else will fall into place.

Good luck, stay positive, and enjoy all the great benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle!

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