Living My Truth

I am aware that I rage some people by simple being myself and speaking my mind so bluntly and loudly.

I know my mental outlook stings many in the eyes and hearts. People love to comment on how I live and what I say and do. So I am more than used to criticism throughout my years. I have come to realize a while back that no matter what you do, they will talk and judge. I have been over-analyzed by people who have never met me, been judged from pictures and my few writings, been yelled at for expressing my opinions, been accused of this and that. But you know what? I genuinely and truly do not care!

I do not try to please you. I do not try to manipulate you and force you or trick you into thinking my insight is what is right. Although I do not mind intriguing you and making you think for yourself surely, but I never shall or will force any ideas on you. Some food for thought is always good. To provoke, that I do. But there is no set right or wrong.

I don not try to justify my thought or actions. I do not judge or label or criticize. I simply speak of MY truth and MY experiences. I share them. It is your choice whether or not you read them, or if you find them “offensive” or if you find that I have “crossed the line”.

You see, I am at peace with myself. I do not battle my thoughts or my character day in and out. I do not have any self-doubt or concerns about the way I think or act. As much as I feel very few or close to nobody can relate, I live my truth. I choose to stand for what I believe in and my words, every single day, no matter the consequence. Even if it means I stand alone.

I speak with full honesty and I do not give half a fuck of what others think of me. I know myself best. I do not owe anyone anything. I am not here to make the entire world fall in love with me. To the contrary, haters inspire me. I greatly cherish each feedback and comment I get on my writings whether positive or negative. I see reactions from others, I observe how they live and through that I get inspired to write more. So do not go threatening me or “nicely” asking me to put some “unacceptable” notes down.

What I utter is not directed towards you or whoever else you think it may be. I am not “indirectly” targeting you- for you more than anyone know that if I have something specific to tell you it would be told straight to your face. I do not generalize and then bullshit about you or your mean of living. I am simply verbalizing my thoughts. I feel no hate towards anyone and have no more but mere respect towards each and everyone’s choices in life. When it comes down to mine, again, I am not here to please anyone, I live for myself and my ideals. No more needs to be said. Say what you may, and let live!

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